The Myths About Hiring Remote Workers Debunked

There are some myths floating around about hiring remote workers to get any type of job done. With the internet the way it is today, you don’t need to have someone in your office to get work done. They can be anywhere all across the globe, as long as they have a good wireless connection. Some people don’t like this idea and these “Negative Nancys” have started to spread rumors about the reasons why people shouldn’t outsource web work, but the truth is, those myths and rumors are simply false.
First of all, many people believe that when the cat’s away the mice will play – a proverb which means that if the boss isn’t overseeing everything, the employees will not be productive. However, a study by the Harvard Business Review showed that remote employees were actually more products – by 13.5% to be exact. The truth is that when people have the freedom to eat lunch whenever they want, take a break to enjoy the sunshine for a little while in the afternoon, and work when they feel most productive, they get a lot more done because they are happier. Plus, with remote workers, there’s no pesky office gossip and water cooler time to distract!
Other people worry a lot about communication with remote workers. Either they fear that they will be out of contact, or that something gets lost in the fray when you don’t have that workplace friendship with someone. However, there are so many online communication methods that it’s not a problem. There are contained networks like Slack which allow remote workers to connect to anything they want, and of course, video conferencing is much easier than it used to be, not to mention the countless instant messaging services that make it so easy to send off a message to someone in a second.
Finally, the last fear that many have about working with someone who is not on site is that their data will not be secure. However, any good company will have measures in place to protect the security of data. There are many services that can be used to encrypt data as it is being sent along, and even more, ways to ensure that only the correct person is accessing the data you want to share.
Hiring a remote worker for your web services makes sense. It’s secure, easy and can save you money, so contact us today to see what we can do for you.