48 hours of Hackathon – Recycling Heroes

Our team participated in another Hackathon! This time, he was in the organization of JCI from Novi Sad, which wanted to reach a necessary and good solution with this challenge – to solve/accelerate/edit the system and the way of recycling in our country. Therefore, the project itself is called Recycling Heroes because all the participants in the process, as well as all the teams that worked on the development of the application for these purposes, are no more and no less than – heroes.

We are already a well-coordinated team! Every new hackathon, we sleep less, I guess we have learned to do preparations for one type of extreme activity like this.

The hackathon lasted 48 hours. The team had 6 members.

  • 1 Java developer
  • 1 DevOps
  • 2 full-stack developers
  • 1 front end developer
  • 1 PHP / iOS developer

The technologies we used were Java Spring for API with MySQL database, React Native + Expo for mobile applications, React for Admin panel, Firebase for real-time communication.
We hosted everything on AWS infrastructure with EC2 and RDS, Cloudflare for security, S3 for storage, Nexmo for sending SMS notifications, Mailgun for sending email notifications, ClarifAI for AI models (we integrated a model for face recognition, so the profile picture must contain the face).
We made Wireframe + prototype, iOS and Android applications, Admin web application, Landing page.
At the end of it all – we had a great time, slept a little, worked a lot, and we had a lot of fun changing roles occasionally – Vuk who makes the API would occasionally fix something in the React Native app, Stefan who is the DevOps made the landing page and admin panel, and we were all product owners and PMs together. 😄
Until the next Hackathon, reset mode!
The atmosphere in pictures:
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