A 6 rules for every student who wants an IT career

The educational system in our country is such that it doesn’t allow continuous personal development, but imposes the creation of a community in which everyone is similarly thinking, have similar requirements and needs. Because of this, as well as for stable thinking, students go through the paths that are pulled and safe. Getting a passing grade, completing a college without having the knowledge needed for further development, has led to a large percentage of people with diplomas that are not useful to society, their future career, or themselves.
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For this reason, it is necessary to reorient your aspirations and advocacy in time and devote all your time to improvement and intellectual development.
Careers in IT are increasingly expanding, so a large number of young people opt for this type of business. The profession is extremely diverse because it can specialize in various areas such as software development, server administrators, network architectures, and many others. Many employers are looking for professionals who possess IT skills along with other skills.
Students must take responsibility for developing their careers and look for opportunities where they can learn new skills that put them above average candidates. Therefore, it is important to seriously understand their IT courses because they play a major role in their future career. Here are some guidelines you can follow as students while you are at college to secure your IT career.
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1) Invest in to acquire specialization in the area that suits you most, but which is in high demand.
Explore what jobs are rising in 2018. IT is a huge area and demand for IT career is diverse and growing. It is therefore wise to consider which specialization best suits you. Synchronize your opportunities with the business that attracts you, and then find practical learning opportunities by having as many informative conversations with experts in your area as possible.
2) Never stop learning
Keep up to date with the latest industry events. Once you’ve determined your choice, the next thing you need to do is expand your knowledge, visit new courses and meetups. IT industry is always growing and progressing fast, so if you are a good candidate, you need to keep up with the latest technological trends (machine learning, smart stuff, blockchains, network applications).
Try to learn new encoding techniques, new frameworks.
3) Create your own application
Create a portfolio where you will add your projects and achievements. Create a mini-application that will sharpen your skills and which will also expand your experience. This will leave a great impression on the job seekers. And at the same time, this project can later be a source of income.
4) Go to courses to gain writing skills
Most of the communication in the professional world is in a written version. Also, a large percentage of clients with whom IT industry is co-operating beyond the boundaries of our country, so knowledge of English is the basic. Improving writing and speaking are key things to be a part of the IT world.
5) Find yourself a mentor
The mentor is someone who will help you to choose the right career path and who will help you to conduct interviews for the job. He will see what areas you need to improve and will stimulate you to turn your weaknesses into the virtue. A good mentor will try to stimulate your personal and professional growth. It will set the goal you need to achieve and will point you to the mistakes you make to that goal. At the same time, he can connect you with other people who will be ready to invest in you.
6) Visit online courses
There are many online courses and tutorials that are free and that can help you raise your knowledge to an enviable level. Being determined and persistent can help in training for every job. An important feature of online courses is a good distribution. They are most often divided by weeks, and each week’s readings to smaller parts consist of video texts, recordings, and tests to test the learned.
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To round up. Being a developer is not easy, it carries with it a lot of renunciation, but also a lot of satisfaction. If that’s what you really want to do and what you want to achieve, then be prepared for a lot of unexpected problems, coding, stress and responsibility, disciplinary and exercise. Be sure that you gonna switch from project to project and from one technology to another. But also that you will become part of a team that will represent another family for you, a team who shares your attitude and thinking and who is always there to support you and solve unsolvable 🙂