The beginning of the Quantox story

The Quantox story begins in a house next to the garage, a place that today can testify to the numerous business ideas and efforts. The founder of the company is Vuk Popović who is well known on the IT scene today, but if we go back to 1998, we will see a young man who, without experience and capital but with strong will and perseverance, enters the world of serious business. 
Vuk transfers his great interest in computers, specifically in sales and modern technologies, to his brother Milan with whom he starts a business. The story went on, it progressed, and the BPO sector was opened. Vuk decided to take another risk and with the support of his family, he opened the company Media in Limited. Great effort and work have led to the growth of the number of projects and the number of employees. Shortly after the whole business had its turning point when the decision to start providing programming services was made.
Entering the world of software development made the list of satisfied clients and completed large projects even bigger. Quantox is a company that started its journey in Ćuprija. With both small and big steps, risks, and sacrifices, one name was created. One team functions perfectly, even though our people are in different locations. 
We are a community that is carefully created and built and that sets us apart from others. A community that, out of few young people who had a clear vision for the future, reached the number of 300 highly qualified professionals from various IT fields. 
All these steps have led to Quantox being an international company that is conquering not only new markets but also trust from developers who want to continue to grow with us. For 15 years this story has been developing, gaining its significance, symbols, and recognizability. The boy’s dreams came true and Quantox continues to spread its spirit, brand and success.