Code monsters are done for good this Halloween

Quantox Is The Easy Solution For Fixing Spooky Code

Holidays are times when most of the bugs in code come to the surface. Our dedicated team of exterminators fights them using best practices

As everyone prepares for Halloween and you start noticing all the ghouls, ghosts and goblins in your neighborhood, you are probably already thinking none of them are really that scary compared to the spooky feeling you get from poor code written by unreliable programmers, which we wrote about here. Here is how Quantox drives a wooden stake through the heart of bad code, along with the details of a new treat we are offering you this holiday season!

The Worst Of Them All

Code Ghosts:
Code ghosts are badly written code
Optimize your code and don’t let Code ghosts surprise you on holidays

Bad code hides in your backend like a Ghost waiting to jump out and shout BOO when you least expect it! Your systems may seem to work correctly, but is everything tracking properly, are any resources being wasted and it is you really sure it isn’t all about to fail when you add a new plugin or feature for your end users? Quantox can review your existing architecture, or streamline your software line by line if needed to minify the source, enhance load speeds and remove all doubt about the quality of your network.

Code Ghouls:

Code ghouls and bad programmer
Not rich enough to have cheap codebase

Nothing is more ghoulish than ransom schemes and backdoor access unethically installed by a fly-by-night coder you never should have hired in the first place. Security always starts internally, with good solid code written by a reputable firm that has a long track record working with known brands and caring for their infrastructure. When you work with Quantox, we supply plenty of references and testimonials from people you already know and trust. If you are nervous a ghoul may have already compromised your code security, contact us right away to discuss the many ways we can clean up your code and establish meaningful backup procedures to chop off that ghoul’s head before he ever gets close to anything of value!

Code Goblins:

Uneducated programmers
Incompetent developers are developing your site, why?

They don’t really mean any harm; they’re just a horde of completely incompetent monsters that run around claiming to be professionals. Did you try to save a few pennies by paying a goblin to pretend to do a good job when you could have hired Quantox and actually gotten great code instead? Relax, we aren’t mad, we’re ready to fix whatever they left unfinished. Sometimes we can make use of their failed attempt, but more often we can write fresh code that gets the job done even faster and better than you ever expected. Hire us when you want to stop hiring goblins and start working with a team of real experts.

Trick or Treat?

At Quantox we don’t believe in tricks. There isn’t one simple trick to make you trillions of dollars and clickbait doesn’t work when talking to business owners. What does work is focusing on providing honest, the quality code in a professional manner and that’s what makes working with Quantox a treat! To make your Halloween even sweeter, we will add some extra to your goody bag that, on any work from a new client who needs help fixing the mess other companies have already made. We know it sucks to have to re-do something you thought was already taken care of, and that will never happen once you start working with Quantox, so this first time you want to get away from the monsters to step into the light with, we’re ready to help you at even lower price than usual.

Ninja developer at a glance
Quantox dedicated staff is educated team of professionals

Have a happy and safe Halloween!
– From Everyone At