Design Resources for Better Graphic/Web Design

written by ANA DEVIĆ

Today there are plenty of online courses and resources that are speaking about the design topic. No matter if we are talking about web or graphic design when it comes to design inspiration it is around us all the time.



It is the platform where designers come and publish a project that they have been working on. Sometimes it is only a short showcase of some project, but since it is available to show the complete design from scratch, to show each segment and usability of that specific design it then becomes a serious presentation of design work. When some project is that rich in detail it can be observed also as educational material. Although this presentation can be used for educational purposes, it also helps designers promote their work on this platform to build their portfolio and to use the Behance page when applying for jobs. It’s often that employees require in the first place a link to a personal profile on Behance, so it seems like a good practice to always have Behance even when you have your personal website. Publishing your work is completely free and the maintenance of the account is not extra paid so you can use it as the main portfolio. A similar platform to Behance is Dribbble. 



There is no need to go into detail. Most people are familiar with the way Pinterest works and it is mostly used to get inspiration, not only in the graphic/web design field but also for interior and exterior and even for different tutorials for school workshops and programs. And about the resources for the design part, with the fact that Pinterest is so well connected with other platforms for showcase, there is plenty of advice on how to design better, something like tips and tricks and dos and don’ts in design.
Those are visual representations of what can be combined in one work, what type of font styles are compatible and goes well together (also what should never be combined), to color palettes and other main components of each design process. So there are a variety of design hacks that are easy to memorize with pin-saving methods. But also it can be used as Behance, with showcasing portfolio and publishing personal projects.


It is basically a platform with work files that can help other designers to speed up their work process and serve as an inspiration. Some files can be downloaded for free,  although some other files require the purchase of a license. That amount of money per month is not enormous, and most designers can afford that package. When you are downloading something from Freepik even if that are some free resources you should refer to Freepik, not only for the protection of rights for that platform but also for the protection of the creator. On Freepik you can find different types of files: photos, templates, icons, and vectors. With the fact that it can help in building your design faster, it can also be used only for inspiration to build your initial shape of the design. Some designers can tell that they don’t use this platform at all and that their design process always implies building design from scratch which is great when you have time and when the project allows it. 


It is mainly focused on user interface design where teams of designers (rarely an individual) publish their work for later to be voted. From time to time, work from Serbian designers could also be found there. Except that Awwwards is a great way to get recognition for your work and to be voted for best design it is also a good representation of trends in UI/UX, from colors to and complete appearance of nowadays style.

Muz Li

Something totally different. I am talking about a fine extension for Google Chrome. When you download this extension your feed and primary tab become some kind of design oasis. So this is the place where you get daily inspiration from just short looking. Muz li gathered content in the form of popular design works, current events, and design news so you can have in one place everything you need to know.
In the sidebar, you can see categories that are actually popular design websites such as Behance, Awwwards, Dribbble, and you can easily jump to each section and filter only specific platforms to watch. The good thing is that you don’t need to access those websites to learn more about the project because everything you watch is still on your feed. My personal opinion is that every designer needs to have Muz li, it saves you time to research and after all, it looks nice.  

These platforms listed are only some guides, there are plenty of other websites with similar content. Each designer has its unique style so when it comes to inspiration it is also a matter of choice where you select to be inspired. 
The most important thing in design is to be up to date with global trends, especially if we are talking about web design, which is constantly evolving and improving.   

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