Is Your Designer As Responsive As Your Design?

You think you may have finally found a designer to handle all of your digital needs. They make pretty pages and they tell you that their designs are fully responsive across all devices and platforms. Then you notice a bug, you mention it to them, and suddenly they don’t seem to be online as often as they used to be… until one day they disappear completely. That begs the question, is your Designer as responsive to your design?

There are a lot of wonderful artists in the world. Many people can make a pretty picture, or put together most of a working website. The difference between those pretenders and an actual professional is the level of persistence they put into completing a project and ensuring it complies with every requirement of your project specs.

At Quantox, we have a team of Designers that are as talented as any you will ever find, and their abilities do not decrease, as the project gets closer to completion. Starting a design is usually the easy part because it starts with broad strokes and a wide-open canvass. Getting the details of your UI/UX exactly right is where a relentless approach to quality becomes so important.

When you contact Quantox to ask a question or to comment on a draft, you can be sure we are here for you ever-single time. We respond quickly, our revisions demonstrate the fact that we are actually listening to your point of view and you will never experience the sort of ‘rubber-banding’ effect that individual designers often leave you with (responsive sometimes and slacking other times). 

It should be obvious that a website intended to be fully responsive to the entire world needs to be built by a professional designer who is fully responsive to you as the client – but you would be amazed how often that fact gets overlooked. Contact Quantox today and see how much FUN it can be to work with a designer who is always available to work with you!