Double click to start the day

Although he says that his main talent is to avoid answering unusual questions, we managed to persuade him to answer ours 🙂 A huge fan of arts from an early age but he was into sports also. Challenging projects are his thing and web design was a choice because of its creativity and dynamic. 
Đorđe is our colleague from Čačak and we want to congratulate him for the first five years of great work and commitment. We wish that years to come will be also in light of a good time and moments together. 

  • What would you advise yourself 5 years ago?

When it comes to work, maybe to take more initiative straight away.

  • Do you remember your first day at work?

Of course. There was some unnecessary nervousness which is normal, but it passed quickly 🙂

  • Who or what influenced you the most to become a designer? 

I have loved art since childhood, so it was all a logical path for me. There is no turning point, everything happened naturally.

  • What is it that people mostly don’t know about you?

I am surrounded by a bunch of IT people, or let say hackers, both at work and privately. I’m afraid that they know more than they should 🙂 It’s hard to hide anything around them.

  • What would you never give up?

Free time.

  • Which moment was the most impressive for you?

Ther first team building. It happened at the right time, a month after my start at Quantox. It was a great opportunity to get to know my colleagues in a more relaxed atmosphere.

  • Do you hang out with colleagues outside work?

Sure. Even at work, we have a friendly atmosphere.

  • Which of your professional skills do you consider to be the most important?

Persistence and composure in situations where deadlines are near the corner.

  • How would your colleagues describe you in one word?

You have to ask them 🙂

  •  How do you start your workday?

With a double click on Photoshop or Illustrator :))

  • The weekend is time for?

Family, friends, short nature trips…..Basically, a perfect weekend is one without any schedule 🙂

  •  Weirdest food you have ever tasted. 

I really don’t like to experiment in that field. Only familiar stuff 🙂

  •  If you are not a designer what would you be? 

Since I really like sports, I would probably go in that direction. Football, basketball….. Oh well, I would definitely play for Real Madrid 🙂