Everything you need to know about Software Development in 2022

When we say Life Cycle, Software is not the first thought that comes to our mind. But, it should be. No matter how big your company is, if you want to prosper in the IT world, you should put close attention to developing software.

Software is a general term used to describe programs, data, functions, instructions on every device that we know today – PC, mobile phones, tablets, or any other smart device. 

If we look closer, we will see that the Software Development definition comes in various forms. In most of them, computer software development is described as a process that creates technology all around people’s personal and professional life. Companies of any range use this method to understand better and also embrace opportunities that the IT market has to offer. 

SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle consists of several phases – research, app design, programming, testing and debugging, process and data flow design. Building a product is a complex process and involves certain technical requirements and specifications. The main goal for developers in following SDLC steps is to produce a successful product within budget and estimated time frame. On the other hand, software development also includes international standards for companies to use if they want to improve computer programs. 

Types of Software Development 

Software development is a large field, and, consequently, you can find different types of its development and different division criteria.

If you want to hire a software development partner, you need to do your research first. Quality research requires certain knowledge about the topic so you can figure out what you want to have and what to achieve. You need to understand the types of software development to know what to look for. 

Quantox types of Software Development
Quantox types of Software Development

What is a software development process?

In Quantox, the overall software development process can be divided into several parts:

1. Frontend Development

This is the type of service that allows our developers to be very creative. Frontend development is part of the software itself that is most available to the users. With the usage of different technologies, the frontend is in charge of building a UI (User Interface) and it is crucial for making your software or app appealing to the end-user. It is very important to have an interface that is aesthetically pleasing and that customers can easily interact with. Our team is focused mainly on the usage of JavaScript technology.

2. Backend Development 

As part of the software development process, the backend is the code that runs the server. It unites everything that the end-user cannot see. Backend developers are responsible for all the activities that occur when someone is using your website or application. This part of the software development process also uses optimization of data delivery and requires an agile approach. 

3. Mobile Application Development

The development of mobile applications contains an implementation of unique services connected to mobile devices. It can require the organization of code to achieve business logic, interface implementation, and refactoring of the existing code to keep track of the latest technologies in software development.

4. Business Analysis 

This is a No1 discipline in identifying the business needs and providing appropriate solutions. As part of the software development system, business analysis is concentrated on data analysis. Data analysis can be explained as transforming and modeling data that can lead you to useful information. Data integration, warehouse architecture, and implementation, report submission are also significant parts of this process. 

5. DevOps Engineering

Your project’s processes during the Software Life Cycle need to be monitored and balanced with the right methodology. DevOps Engineering conducts those processes through coding and deployment, including maintenance and updates. DevOps part of software development combines both development and operations and you need a team with a really wide range of knowledge of DevOps Engineering to perform the DevOps methodology in the right way. 

Why is software development important?

The number of individuals that are using computers, mobile devices, or any other kind of smart device can be presented in billions across the world. If you want your users to gain all the benefits of the website or application they use, you need fully functional software that helps you distinguish from competitors. 

The digitization process and information storage outside of the in-house system will save you space and also protect your data from an outside breach. The data collected from everyday activities, combined with the right software, can help you to keep on track with business and development trends.

The overall goal is to make your business brand visible and available almost anywhere in the world. Quality software and application development will provide you with a platform for gaining adequate feedback from customers, a platform for direct communication, and increased sales and customer engagement. 

Key steps in the software development process and methodologies

The Software Development process can vary, depending on the company’s business approach. Nevertheless, there are several important steps that any software and application development process should follow.

Software Development Key Steps
Software Development Key Steps

  • Requirements analysis – When you plan to write completely new software, that delegated team needs to know every requirement about it.  The overall project needs to be mapped and with a defined methodology for making it real. The company and her team, after defining the number of tasks, also choose between various methodologies available. DevOps, Agile Development, SAFe, RAD are some of the options that can also be included.   The team gathers resources and requirements and it can then move to the next step
  • Design & Development – This step includes the most fundamental activities taken by the software development teams. If you want to create software that fulfils its goal, you should pay attention to storyboard and process models. Those phases of development are part of the design process. To create The early phase of any software is filled with simulations and prototypes. The teams use modeling languages such as UML or SysML for this phase.
  • Coding – With the introductory stage of the software development-ready, and the team that has all the needed information, the Coding phase can start. Developers proceed to write the code, using the already defined programming language. This is one of the most meticulous phases of the software development process, and it includes constant reviews and peer observations.
  • Testing phase – Any coding needs a testing moment. Writing the code can be the longest and very sensitive phase, and testing is included to make sure that no bugs or defects are found in the final product. Therefore Quality Assurance is one of the most important parts of software development and a time when the team can excel. 
  • Deployment phase – The process of software development is long and it includes a lot of parties involved in its structure. This is the phase that shows if developers were successful in earlier stages of development. When the software is live and available for interaction with users, the team stands by on the other side and responds to the possible problems and resolves them. IT experts also sometimes migrate the data from the existing software to the new or updated versions.
  • Maintenance and Support – This is the final stage of software development. Support and Maintenace come with the proper user experience and the development team should be on standby mode to ensure that software runs smoothly. The quality must be maintained to evaluate the development process. For this stage, some models like CMM are used.

Tools and languages for software development

Tools for software development are important because they are used to create, edit, maintain, support, and debug applications and software. They can have many different forms and can be found in code editors, compilers, linkers, assemblers, debugging tools, GUI designers, and many others. When choosing the right software development tool, a team needs to have certain factors in mind. First of all, the tool needs to be useful and within the boundaries of the company standards.

Also, these tools need to have a learning curve, need to be integrated with other tools, and also select an appropriate environment. If all of these standards are met, the team has an easier job choosing the right tool.  Based on the latest research, some of the best Software Development Tools to use in 2022 are UltraEdit, Quixey, Embold, Linx, GeneXus, Zoho Creator, Delphi, Atom, Cloud 9, and many others.

In the digitalization era,  we can see that there are a lot of tools and languages of software development available. They are necessary for the investigation and optimization of business processes. Some of the tools, used the most by our team, are:

  • Jira, Confluence, Basecamp, Trello, Asana
  • GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket…
  • VS Code, PHP Storm….

Software development languages are a set of rules of computer programming needed for algorithm implementation. Quantox’s extensive expertise is based on:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • C
  • List

How Quantox can help your business with software development?

Quantox has been in the IT market for 15 years.

Programming services, fully responsive designs, development of native mobile apps, full-time server management, and unique content writing are part of a wide range of services necessary for implementing and maintaining both complex and simple projects, providing you with a strong online presence. With a completely built infrastructure, our team can answer any technological and digital challenge and produce high-quality products that will give a unique user experience to your customers. 

Mark your appointment with the Quantox team and find out how your business can be improved with one-of-a-kind software solutions. 

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