The first renowned client

They say that the first year in business is always hard. They also say that if you are not losing money in that first year you will probably be ok. 
For us, the first year of our business was unforgettable.
We will always remember how much coffee we drank, how many days without sleep we had, how many cooperation requests were sent back negative or we didn’t get any response at all. But we started this game and quitting was not an option.
The first year, but also the next couple, were, as they usually say – one-man jobs. However, the situation is starting to change in 2009. And then it hit us. A job is so important that if you do it right, it opens you with so many opportunities, but you are in trouble if not. It was a renowned client from the automotive industry, the market of Great Britain.
What usually comes with an important contract that is so significant for further progress is a great sense of responsibility. A small team started this path just a year ago, and now that exact team has to deliver a serious project that, if done right, can mark your company as a serious player on the market.
But imagine the technology and equipment that was available 15 years ago. Today we will call that kind of work a rough and ready approach. Available connection speed for development and further possible refinements would today, at least, cause tremendous stress. We were working in a small office, without any additional accommodation or benefits that we can see today in the IT world. Analysis of every possible and impossible step was a daily job and of course that we were sometimes asking ourselves why we chose what we chose, especially when mistakes were made. But we managed to pull it off. The doors were open and we didn’t want to go back. We delivered the project on time and the further task was to repeat the success and build a reputation. And we did repeat it. More than 120 times.
What we have learned from our first business year? Our approach was good but it needed to be better and to progress. 15 years later, we are modernized, better coordinated, and nurture the same “deep analysis” approach to every project entrusted to us.