Happy Wednesday?! We in Quantox have it, what about you?

When I came to the office this morning, I had one really pleasant surprise waiting for me on my desk. And, the most of you would probably ask what kind of surprise an employee can get on Wednesday, right? Well, let me tell you a short story about it…
As you already know and as you have already experienced on your own skin (if you have some kind of full-time job), we live in a very fast and advanced age. Some of you may not see it that way, but just imagine how things were done just a 20 or 30 years ago and how they are done now and you will see that this age is far more advanced than all the others ages in the history of mankind combined! Our age, our (I can freely say post-modern and technological) age is something we can’t fight against. We have to dance by the notes of the age and these notes are crystal clear: A lot of work in order to achieve success and earn as much money as you can and a not so much free time!
OK, we, as a generation, have accepted this concept and we are going shoulder by shoulder with our age. But, at some point of your life, you simply have to ask yourself is this enough? Success and money, expensive cars, exclusive restaurants and similar stuff… Is that enough for you to be happy on a long term basis? Sometimes, the only thing we need is another person’s company, a warm word, and a pleasant hug! Money can’t buy these things, but we can not live without the money, right… So, what is the best option for us? What can we do to have both free time for love and the friends and success in the business?
Maybe answer to this question lies in the words of the famous Chinese sage, Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. The job is one of the most important things nowadays and if you choose it wisely, it’s like you’ve won the lottery! That’s exactly what we in the Quantox Technology can say about our job! This is not only our job, this is a way of life and that’s why my colleagues and I come to the office with a big smile on our faces! So, I can finally talk about this great surprise I found on my desk.
It’s Wednesday (I mean, Wednesday, the most unimportant day of the week), I come in the office and I find beautiful and delicious donuts on my desk! Early in the morning! To make my coffee better! How cool is that? This small thing, this little sign of appreciation and respect for employees is what makes our company so great! That’s why we all have it all here: Sucess in the business, friends and warm words! We are more a family than a company and that makes us fight our age with ease!
Sometimes, I think we can even win this fight...