A Holistic Approach to Web Development

When digital commerce began online there was a period of time dominated by Do It Yourself webmasters who worked hard to build and refine their businesses by hand with little or zero external help. As things became more complicated, the trend was toward establishing your own core competency and outsourcing narrowly defined responsibilities to outside consultants or independent contractors. Recently there is a new shift in the way business is being done, and Quantox is at the forefront of the modern web development evolution.

“Doing it all yourself just isn’t practical anymore, with so many systems to learn and maintain, complicated codes to create, design trends to account for and the speed at which everything keeps changing. The idea of a one-man shop running a major online business is obsolete,” explained Lykos of Quantox.comVuk-Popovic “Similarly, clients are now hesitant to hire several independent contractors on their own because they have already experienced the frustration of watching each blame the other whenever anything goes wrong of ends badly. The holistic approach is the most sensible way to handle web development these days, and that is why we have built Quantox from the ground up with comprehensive product management in mind.”

Holistic web development involves having a single point of contact, to handle all of the outsourced elements of any digital product.
Whether you want an entire platform coded as a new backend, and need the design of the front end done as well, are seeking to be sure your site is properly optimized for search engines, want your email campaigns and stat tracking to be seamlessly integrated or are seeking custom solutions to any other aspect of your web-based business, having your own project manager overseeing an experienced team of experts is the only realistic way of getting your business to move forward under budget in the time frame allotted.
Quantox employs more than 100 coders, designers, project managers, technologists and experts in their respective fields – capable of providing you with all of the work you want to be done, and we do not outsource any part of your projects or require you to find separate contractors to handle other aspects of the work.

“By working in a holistic way we are responsible for the entire project and we can ensure the strictest quality control while giving our clients a truly scalable solution for virtually any digital challenge being faced. We don’t point fingers, we don’t make excuses and we are always easy to reach. That saves you time, saves you money and in the long run… it also makes Quantox the obvious choice.”