HumanITarian CS:GO tournament

For the weekend of April 4 and 5, a Humanitarian Counter-Strike tournament was organized for all domestic IT companies in Serbia, which aimed to raise funds for organizations and institutions that help the most vulnerable groups of people affected by the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

In addition to raising funds for organizations that help health workers and other most vulnerable groups of people in our society, the goal of the competition was to maintain contact with colleagues from our company, contact and community between all domestic companies, an exercise in quarantine as well as focus and fun at a time that is stressful for many of us.

70 teams from domestic IT companies participated in the tournament, and the initial fund of 1,000,000 dinars increased daily and 3,242,000 dinars were collected.

After the successful realization of the tournament, it was decided that the funds will be directed as follows:

50% of the budget – 1,621,000.00 dinars to the Clinical Center in Nis

30% of the budget – 972,600.00 dinars to the Republic Health Insurance Fund for assistance to medical staff

20% of the budget – 648,400.00 dinars to UNICEF for the purchase of equipment

You can find more about the tournament on the official website:

Due to the great interest and positive impressions of the actors in this event, the epilogue of this humane story is that the IT league was formed in cooperation with other organizations.

The greatest satisfaction of us, as a company that was in the role of organizers, is that all participants as well as companies from the community enjoyed and came out of the event with extremely positive impressions.

We are transmitting some of them to you

Great fun. And of course, very happy to win the tournament 🙂 We would participate again”  winning team

“First of all, a very positive surprise since the whole IT community organized very quickly and the number of registered companies was much larger than I expected. It is difficult to describe in words the moment where due to the given circumstances and difficulties in economic and social terms there is such a large number of people, organized in a short period of time around the humanitarian action. In addition, I accepted this activity as an online team building where we had a lot of fun and laughter :). Also, in addition to games and fun, we had the opportunity to discuss various topics with colleagues and share experiences and opinions, which is, of course, another positive result “

“Really nice and pleasant experience. An interesting goal of the tournament was set, so everything got an interesting note :-D” 

“Great! The team had fun, hung out, reminded of the times when Counter was played much more actively … :)”