The Importance of Project Continuity

Digital publishing used to include many small subcontractors and often required a lot of management supervision time from in-house executives, dealing with overages and missed milestones on project timelines. Worst of all, when anything went wrong, all the individual subcontractors would try to point fingers at each other as the way to avoid any level of accountability for their own errors. Quantox has helped to change all that by providing project continuity and the results are exceptional.

When you have Quantox build your digital property, you aren’t just getting a gifted designer, a talented coder, an experienced marketing team and each of the elements you need to succeed on the modern web – you are getting a coherent team of professionals. People who are used to working together and who understand that the sum total of their effort will be better than the individual effort of any one part of the whole.


More importantly, our supervisory staff and project management leads are familiar with every member of the team, are able to motivate and inspire their team, and significantly reduce the need for any outside resources being allocated to keeping the project ahead of schedule and under budget. That isn’t to suggest we are perfect, nobody is perfect, but we can guarantee you that if we do ever make a mistake, we are accountable directly to you and we will make it right quickly because our reputation depends on your satisfaction. We only point fingers at each other when we are complimenting one another, errors or mistakes that need to be corrected are the responsibility of every single person who is part of Quantox.

That continuity gets you the best results, with the least resources every time, and it is a key component of what your Quantox relationship is all about!