IT consulting is a good investment

IT Consulting Saves You Far More Than It Costs

Why would anyone ever want to hire an IT consultant? Shouldn’t they just hire a coder and have them get to work right away without any additional expenses from a consultant who gets in the way? Actually, that way of thinking has cost many companies a huge amount of money, because the planning that goes into starting a project is always a far more efficient use of your money than all the modifications that become necessary when guesswork is your primary strategy.

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IT Consulting in Quantox office

“IT Consulting isn’t about having an extra guy standing behind a coder and shouting corrections to him as he tries to create your new website or mobile app,” said Lykos of Quantox with a smile. “Real IT consulting is focused on the planning, preparation, and production milestones of your upcoming IT project. When Quantox is hired to consult, we save you money by carefully reviewing all of your specs, checking your existing infrastructure, offering options and choices to find the best solutions together before a single line of code is written. You wouldn’t hire a carpenter to build a skyscraper without having architects and engineers create a set of blueprints first – and IT consulting works the same way.”

Your company is complicated, much the same way a bridge or building is more complicated than it looks from the outside.

The analogy is a good one. Your company is complicated, much the same way a bridge or building is more complicated than it looks from the outside. Yes a bridge may seem simple if you only consider the purpose is to make it possible for cars to cross a river, but when you look deeper at the eventualities of wind gusts, erosion of the river banks by water flow, traffic patterns, wear and tear on the structure from vehicles using it, changes in temperature due to weather, dealing with all the construction companies and unions supplying the workers, gathering massive amounts of materials on schedule and finding alternative routes to handle traffic during periods of road closure while the structure is being built – suddenly, telling a guy to go get to work isn’t as easy as it seemed at the start.

Whether you are seeking to create a platform that is completely agnostic to the ever-changing operating systems of mobile devices and desktop browsers, care about handling consumers from a diverse set of geos, want to maintain the fastest possible connectivity for customers, need to find ways to streamline your uploading and site administration or aren’t sure about some of the newer technologies available to future-proof your products, having knowledgeable people with a strong IT background from Quantox involved at the earliest stage of development gives you the easiest path and the most efficient way to save money while turning fewer resources into a better end result.

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IT consulting solves problem before you know it is a problem

“One of the things that make Quantox unique is that we can supply the IT consulting, the coding and every other part of the project for you in-house” explained Vlad. “So, there are never any battles between the project manager, coder, designer, and consultant because we integrate all of those services effectively. One builds on the other, and each has a role in reducing the resources needed to get your project completed in ways that will exceed all of your expectations. Contact us to learn more, as always, we are happy to help.”