Keeping Project Requests Clear and Detailed Saves Enormous Resources

So, you have a project and you are going to create a request for an exterior company to get the job done. Keeping your project request clear and detailed will help you a lot down the line, and will also save you money. Project requests set the precedent for the entire project, and it is helpful to start it off on the right foot.
If you end up presenting a project with a confusing description and scope of work, it costs your team time, costing you money. There are a few ways that this will drain your pockets. First of all, all of the back and forth communication it will take to clarify your work request just isn’t worth it, when with a clear work request your project can get started right away. Each minute you spend communicating and clarifying is the time that is not being spent working on your project. What is even worse, is the second way that an unclear project proposal can cost your company money: unclear project requests can lead to drafts of your project being created that are completely misguided or simply not what you are looking for.
In creating clear project requests it is also important to get your whole team’s input early on in the process, before making the request, rather than presenting them with a nearly finished project and getting their input then. This will also save you a lot of time and money because your team is smart and probably has great ideas that would improve any project your company is working on. Using their ideas early on will keep you from having to revise projects over and over to incorporate innovative employee ideas.
Start your project off right with a clear and concise request that will lead the way to the project you are envisioning.