KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid!) And You’ll Love The Results

In our vast experiences dealing with projects and project management, we have learned that it is best to KiSS. No, don’t worry, that isn’t a romantic come on, it is simply a witty acronym that stands for Keep it Simple Stupid. Complicated projects with multiple moving parts that all depend on one another rarely succeed, from what we’ve seen.

Start From Creating MVP

Our advice is to get to an MVP (minimally viable product, or the least amount of features your product or project needs to get started) as soon as possible, and launch. Once you are actually launched it is quite easy to work towards incremental improvements continuously throughout the life of a product. One of the biggest mistakes that we have seen in our experience is people who have an unclear vision for their projects, which doesn’t make for a clean and concise MVP.

Another mistake that often hampers projects is when companies try to do too much and create too many features prior to launch so that your product is sitting around while competitors can easily take advantages of gaps in the market. Ambition is definitely good, but too much ambition can also be a killer.

How To Get From Idea to MVP?

How do you get the perfect MVP? It’s not that hard. Think about your product or project. List the features that are essential to it’s functioning, and get those features working flawlessly. Leave out anything that is extra, or not essential to the product you want to create. Those most basic features are the ones to launch within your MVP. After launching, think about any bells and whistles you would like to add to enhance or change your project.

Remember, the thing that matters most is having a functioning product that does what you want it to do, not having the most elaborate product out there on the market.

Quantox- Keeping Software Development Simple Since 2006!

Quantox operates with the help of Kaizen mindset, meaning we achieve great results by first completing smaller, but equally important tasks. Each one of us, but working as a team, has a clear task to complete that will enrich your project and lead to project realization faster and without hassle. Task by task, we’ll take your project from idea to MVP, launch your product and keep on improving it with new features and possibilities. Do you want to see simple and clear project development process? Let’s Talk!