Latino girl

Quality music is her groove. And a good running track. Although, coffee is at the top of that list also. When she is nervous we know that she is hungry. Passionate about taking pics, which is good cos when you ask her for some nice photos, you get 15 of them 🙂
Winter is not her friend, Lisabon is. 
She is Andjela, but for us, Andja. A serious programmer and a true professional. Always up-to-date. It is very easy to create memories with her. 
Andja, we want to congratulate you for 5 years of dedication, effort, and great work. We know that you will celebrate it with something sweet and a g-drive full of photos 🙂 

  • How do you start your day at work?

Coffee, morning chat with colleagues who are in the office and then checking emails and daily plan: meetings, tasks.

  • Besides programming, what is something that you also do well?

I’m good at running and sports in general. It’s a shame that I don’t have time to dedicate myself more to that. 

  • If you are not a programmer what would you be?

A pilot 🙂 

  • What would you advise yourself 5 years ago?

To be more confident in myself and the decisions that I make, not to trust everyone, and to grab and take everything that I can. 

  • Do you remember your first day at work?

Of course. I was nervous, but the whole day went really well, with a lot of positive energy, meeting new people, and details about my future project. 

  • Who or what influenced you the most to become a programmer?

During high school, I already, somehow, knew my future path and what I want to do, so at university, it was only a matter of which department to choose. I would say that education itself guided me to become a programmer. 

  • What would you never give up?

Laugh, sun, dear people, and coffee!

  • Do you have some totally irrational fear of something?

I am totally terrified of cats, even kittens. 

  • Which of your professional skills do you consider to be the most important?

Eloquence, perseverance, I am detail-oriented and always willing to help and make people laugh 🙂 

  • What is it that people mostly don’t know about you?

I have been practicing Latin American dance for 10 years and –  small, little things will always blow me away.

  • What would you highlight as your biggest contribution in the past 5 years?

I gave my maximum effort to every app that I was working on, every deadline and agreement was respected and fulfilled.

  • From your point of view, what trait is most important to have to be a successful programmer?

A good programmer must have good logic and, for me, that is the most important thing. After that, knowledge, passion, and willingness to always learn something new.