Lecture about the “Good code matters” topic

During the previous year, we have organized several meetups where we gave our best to offer the most quality information and to share the most valuable knowledge with all the interested people. In the time to come, these meetups and lectures will be available on our youtube channel so the all of you who have seen them live will have the opportunity to refresh your memory and the rest of you will have a chance to learn something new.
A great lecture by PHP programmer Milan Popovic was just a first in a row, and he has spoken on a topic titled “Good code is worth a fortune”. In these 45 minutes, he has pointed out the examples where the most of the programmers make mistakes, but you can also see the examples and references which will help you improve your code and make your job easier on a daily basis. This lecture is intended for less-experienced programmers but it constitutes a very good basis for all those striving to become excellent developers.