Let’s take a look at the last Adventure of Quantox Team!

Nowadays, if you want to be a successful company, the most important thing you must achieve is to please your clients the best possible way! If you do that, the word will spread and in a blink of an eye your company’s name will become pretty famous. It is not important what kind of job you are working, it is important how you do your job! Ok, this is a sentence which many writers, bloggers and all other related will gladly have on their posts if they are writing about their companies. But, is this really true?
Let’s think a bit, shall we? Ok, it IS really important to make your clients satisfied and pleased with your servce, but, maybe, just maybe, there is one more important thing. Can’t remember? Let me help you! Your employees! In order to make your client satisfied, the first thing you need to do is to make your employees happy and satisfied in all kinds of ways! This is not such a common sight, but, not all the companies are successful, right?
We are happy to announce that our company policy is pointed in this direction and that we are doing all we can to provide the best possible conditions for our employees! That’s why we have so many team gatherings, Happy Fridays, funny games in the office and so much more… But, we are most proud of our Teambuildings! Yeah, once again, Quantox Team has been sent to a beautiful place for 3 days and we all had such a great time! Teambuilding is more than just a free day you know! It’s a golden opportunity for everybody to get to know their colleagues better. And that’s just what we did.
Due to fact that we are fast-growing company and that we have offices in different cities, not all members of our team knew each other! But that was before we had this phenomenal trip to one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia. The Old Mountain, the jewel of the South-eastern Serbia is such a fantastic place and as soon as we arrived, we’ve encountered so many great things.
The hotel we were staying at was off the charts and we were all stunned by the variety of things that were offered to us by the hotel itself and the pleasant stuff! Of course, the places we have visited were remarkable and I’m assured that we will always remember time spent on this wonder of nature! But, that’s just a part of our trip! One general part, every company has this kind of trip, but not every company has what we in Quantox Technology have! Friends! The level of friendship in our community is something that I simply can not describe using just words! You have to be part of it to feel it! That is the main reason for our success and on this trip, all of us made new friends and consolidate the old ones.
Having a 4-hours-long walk through the mountain, climbing to its biggest peak, swimming in the beautiful pool, sunbathing and chit chatting, using spa, sauna, playing basketball and football, were just an accompanying things on this trip of friendship (I would call it that way). That’s why our gatherings are special and this one was probably the best we have ever had! Of course, there are much more to come and we are all looking forward to the new places and new faces in our team! Take a look at the photos below and you will maybe have a glance of the relationships we have here! Enjoy, just like we did there!