Life with Quantox Family, where “work hard, play hard” becomes reality!

Let me tell you something about working here, in Quantox Technology! It is not standard, boring job! It’s a way of life! How many times have you been in a situation that you would give everything just to stay in the bad for a few hours more rather than go to the work, but you can’t do it because you have to be in the office at the precise time? I know, you can’t even count all these situations, right? Well, guess what, we in Quantox don’t have that kind of problems.
Our working time is flexible!
And that means that we can really be in the office whenever we want, with no consequences at all! So, if you are tired, you have something private to do, or you just had a long and interesting night with your friends, don’t worry. Wake up whenever you want, grab a cup of coffee, get ready and then go to the office! That’s how we do it!
Of course, this is just a one of the many good things that working in Quantox Technology brings! I’m gonna turn to the science to make this easier for you to understand, so pay attention. They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. This statement is often attributed to the ancient Chinese sage Confucius, and many scientific researchers have proven it! If you love what you do, and if you enjoy your work, your results will be outstanding. One more crucial ingredient for the success in the work is a team of people that surround you, and we can really say that this is the part of our company that we are most proud of.
We have all the support in work we need, and our team of administrators, project managers, team leaders and quality assurance will give their best to help you improve your skills and be successful. I must mention that we have a really wide range of projects that we are working on, from smart TV apps, Java, Laravel, Objective-C, Angular 2 to PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, XCode, JavaScript, you name it… We got the most of the industries needs covered by the experienced people and some of our projects have over 60 million of views daily.
And all of that we are managing to achieve in the fantastic offices we have. Cooking a lunch or a dinner and eating with the friends in the comfortable dining room, is a normal thing in our office. We also like to play football, basketball, and many other games during our breaks. Of course, all of this is just to encourage our staff and to create the best possible conditions for their best results.
For the end, let’s talk about the bond we all have in the Quantox. As I mentioned it before, this is not a just a regular job, this is a way of life. We are spending time together not only in the office, but outside also, and we are having such a great time. Our trips and team buildings are something that we are remembering with the joy and smile on our face and every member of our, now pretty large, team has something special to offer to the collective!
Because of all above mentioned, I can proudly say that we have managed to create the perfect environment for every talented person who wants to work and to be successful. After all, our motto “work hard and play hard” really is our guide!