The man of many talents.

As the title itself says, Ivan is a man with many talents. Besides coding, his passion is also fishing. He is a former amateur actor but also a painter, so when inspiration knocks on the door, it often means that his family will soon enjoy one more beautiful canvas.
For the past 5 years, he has been part of our team in Čačak.  In his opinion, colleagues would probably characterize him as a strenuous man, but just so you know – when we asked our designer to do graphics for Ivan’s interview, her instant reaction was – Đorđević? The best team lead ever 🙂
Thank you for your commitment. We congratulate you and can not wait to spend many more years working with you. 

  • Do you remember your first day at work?

Absolutely. It was much more relaxed compared to previous jobs. 

  • Who or what influenced you the most to become a programmer?

A friend from college who I tried to overcome, but without success 🙂

  • What is that people mostly do not know about you?

I suppose a lot of things, especially because I am an introverted person. 

  • What would you never give up?


  • Which of your professional qualities you consider to be most valuable?

Stubbornness always helps me to push till the end and not to give up even when it seems that I will not make it. 

  • How would your colleagues describe you?

Probably as a ‘strenuous’ or ‘hard’ man.

  • How do you start your day at work?

Like most of us – with a cup of coffee. 

  • We know that you have a lot of talents. Tell us about the hidden ones 🙂 

Acting and writing were things that I did a long time ago, and they are part of the past. Nowadays, when I’m not in the best mood, painting is sometimes a choice. When partying with friends is on the menu, me singing on the mike is definitely part of the night (even though I’m not a good singer at all, but others think that is not true :))

  • The weekend is your time for?

Family, nature, fishing, a good movie. 

  • If you were not a programmer, you would be?

Probably doing some work related to cybersecurity or working in a department of high-tech crime 🙂