Mystery About Processes Revealed!!!


The process is one of the most mysterious terms and notions nowadays. Although it is now so new but exists for a long time, it has never been demystified, so for most people, it sounds so scary.

Nevertheless, it is very important everybody to understand what the process is, how it functionates, as well as that our complete life and work happen through processes. Yes, everything we perform in our life, every day, takes place through processes or sets of processes. As Edward Deming said, “if you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing”. If you think over about your activities, you will see that it is quite right.

Although you can read that one of four Agile principles says that individuals and interactions are over processes and tools, that definitely doesn’t mean that processes and tools there are not or that are not important.

software development process

So, first, let’s demystify what the process is.

The simplest, we can say that the process stands for transforming input into outputs, using necessary and appropriate resources, as well as by someone`s managing. For example, you have whole bread as an input, so you want to get slices as an output. Therefore you will use a knife as a resource, but you will manage the resource and whole the process, moving the knife in a proper way or at an appropriate speed.

Ok, that’s nice… so, have a look everything you do- processes are everywhere around you. For everything you have some input- sometimes that is Manager’s order, sometimes Customer’s demand, technical specification or global standard. Also, input can be something your colleague did, some output of his work. Well, that is interesting- someone’s output can be your input.

Definitely, you will work easier if your input is better, simpler or such that can facilitate your work.
But, it seems it doesn’t depend on you but on your colleague… amiss. Don’t surrender, think about what you can do in order to get as good input as possible, to get desired inputs. Yes, you can go to your colleague who will deliver you his work and tell him what you need, in what form, what will be the best for you. Try to be polite, but detailed, concrete, and to define your needs in a structured way.

Remember, you are not alone

There is someone in the process after you – your outputs will be his inputs, so take care of that. As you wish and need as better inputs as possible, such next in the process has the same needs. Before start doing your job, ask next in the process what he needs, try to understand why that is important for him, so align your process and your activities with that.

Well, that means there are many people who will be included in that stream to the ultimate customer, who can be somebody from the market. So, that means, we should start creating processes backward, thinking what is to be previous activity in order to deliver expected result, so to create processes in that way. It sounds reasonable- you can`t make a roof if you don`t have walls.  Start from a roof, start thinking about your processes. Start from the Customer, start from next in the process, help him, understand why some your output is important as his desired input.

Go to the mirror and you will understand, it is important for someone else like it is important for you in another situation.

Think about processes, think about the next in the process, start building processes from His Majesty the Customer.

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