Paper Girl

A situation like “You are missing one paper” is unknown to her. In her creative chaos, as she calls her desk, you can find every contract, invoice, greeting card, note or long-forgotten phone number. She is someone who laughs loudly and contagiously. Although she is mostly the oldest in the team, the spirit of the student did not leave her.  That is why most of her colleagues would characterize her as – joyful.  And for some unknown reason,  she always has the strangest costume at masquerades.
If the repairman is needed in the middle of the night, she has a man. If anything needs to be fixed urgently, she has a man. If you need to find a rare whiskey, a book, an animal :), she has a man.
She is Dragana, known to us as Jana, and for 5 years we have had the privilege to spend every working day with her.
Happy five years of work and to celebrate beautiful moments together for a long time.

  • What would you advise yourself 5 years ago?

Nothing, just to take the best from every situation I’m in and to be patient. Time is the one that teaches you wisdom and gives you experience.

  • Do you remember your first day at work?

I remember that I was very happy and fulfilled.  We were in the old office, 15 of us. I had a beautiful welcome from the whole team. Everyone worked relaxed, with music, and then, I got the nickname Jana. I was not into it the first time, but later I got used to it.

  • What people don’t know about you?

I don’t know why, but they don’t believe that I know how to cook. Everyone thinks that my husband does that in my house.

  • What would you never give up?

Sea and chocolate.

  • Which moment is most memorable to you?

Halloween, when we organised a celebration with cocktails and masks…and our New Year’s celebrations as well as Team Buildings and hanging outs till dawn… And of course you Nađa, as my roommate on all trips 🙂

  • Do you hang out with colleagues out of work?

When we have time, we gather together and there is always some good food around. Now, with our kids, private gatherings became bigger.

  • Which of your professional skills do you consider to be most valuable?

Persistence and communicativeness. I have a specific way of communicating with people that turned out to be very successful. To be honest, I really love my job and I think that communication is my strongest skill. There lies my success.

  • How would your colleagues describe you?

I am someone who cheers people up and lifts the atmosphere in the office. 

  • How much paper went through your hands?

A lot. Tons, I think. 

  • What is the secret to keeping old binders? 

We have to keep them for 5 years, that is the role…There is always documentation that is needed at some point, and I personally have a small archive in my desk that is not thrown away. Sometimes I’m the only one who can save the day. 

  •  What are the verses of Jana that you like the most?

I don’t listen to that kind of music but I do like the song Hajde Jano konja da prodamo….Often Nebojša (my husband) says to me – Jana, please make some coffee. 

  •  What kind of coffee do Neša and Đole like to drink? ( your postmen)

They eat candies, they are my super postmen who helped me a lot during the lockdown last year. Those two men are always willing to meet our needs. 

  • What is the difference between management and worker-ment? 🙂

It’s a great thing that when you know the difference and you don’t start to act arrogant once you move up to a higher position. That famous sentence came about when some young colleagues clumsily became interested in  ‘who is who’, of course in a humorous way, while we played darts. Then I had to explain ‘who is who’, right? 🙂 First ‘who’ is management, the second one is worker-ment 🙂

  • Do you have some totally irrational fear of something? 

Fear of loneliness. 

  •  Weirdest food that you have tasted?

Chinese and I don’t like it.

  • If you are not an administrative manager, what would you be?

Stewardess, that was my wish since primary school. And to study geography, that was my favourite subject. And then, I ended up studying law…
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