Investing in employees is investing in future

PHP conference BGPHP is one of the best conferences for anyone interested in the PHP programming language. Speakers at the event covered topics for novices and experts interested in sharpening their PHP skills with there were a lot of interesting sessions aimed at improving the way programming is done on an everyday basis.

“Many programmers come from all around Europe to be part of this conference,” said Dan of “and we were proud to send six of our team lead programmers to the PHP conference. “A lot of the workshops were centered on an arcade game theme this year. Pixels, video games, potions (beer) – even the music being played was from famous games. Overall it was a terrific experience and a first class opportunity for programmers to learn from each other as we shared our own experiences and heard from other top software engineers about their own programming style to better define best practices that benefit all of our clients.”

Quantox understands that the continuing education of each part of the team is essential to evolving our skill set and staying ahead of the curve. Our clients succeed in fast-paced sectors of the digital marketplace, and they rely on us to always know the best way to do things right now, and the most likely ways to future-proof build with an eye on what’s about to happen next. BGPHP began as an initiative by a small group of developers who started the first PHP User Group in Sofia two years ago.

PHP conference stage
Opening talks of PHP conference before the amazing session

Sending half-dozen top-tier PHP programmers from Quantox to be part of the event is our way of supporting the creative culture that all digital professionals value. It also serves as a strong incentive for qualified employment candidates to come join the Quantox team because it’s easy to see that employee enrichment is a core component of Quantox DNA, backed by significant investment in each of our esteemed team members.

If you are seeking a career in Web Development, Programming, or Digital Project Management, and have a fascination with the new tools that are on the horizon, be sure to find a company that supports those initiatives and its staff effectively. It makes a world of difference for the way technology reaches the market and the way your career trajectory takes flight. At Quantox we are always hiring the right people to fill exciting positions in our dynamic production environment. Check out Careers at Quantox to learn more right now!