Support for the local Startups.

For many years, we have been interested in the development potential of local communities that lack the opportunity for growth. We want to create those opportunities by providing support for the local Startup scene in Ćuprija.  
Today, fortunately, we can witness numerous examples of fantastic Startup stories that have been realised and set off on the path of further success. However, the reality is a little bit different. Many people have great business ideas but not enough investment to go a step further in development and ‘launch’ their product or service. Many questions arise here – how to start, what are the necessary steps?
Quantox Technology has decided to help implement these steps. Providing all the necessary technical support, we want to give that much needed `push` for a maximum of 10 Startups registered in Ćuprija. With an investment of up to 50.000 euros, which will be reflected in technical support and consulting, we want to help business stories that arise far from large IT centers.
All Startups registered on the territory of Ćuprija will have the opportunity to apply and Quantox will, as a technical partner, support the growth and development of the local community.
All information, as well as application forms, you can get via mail [email protected] 
Let’s start up together!