Quantox Technology opens an office in Ćuprija!

At the beginning of this year, we set out a new business venture. After expanding to the foreign market, we are opening another office, the jubilee tenth in a row.
We have been advocates of IT decentralization for many years. By opening another office in Serbia, in Ćuprija, we prove that we adhere to our ideology and we continue the trend of developing the potential of young people in local communities.
Why Ćuprija? The reason is simple. Many years ago, an idea was born right there – an idea that would be realized a few years later and become Quantox Technology.
With 15 years of experience and a team of over 300 employees, the developers from Ćuprija will have full support in their work and further progress.
In the last few years, we have had cooperation with the Gymnasium in Ćuprija. We reward the best students with scholarships, and we also contributed to the development of the IT department in that school.
Students’ interest in the new program is great, which is reflected in the growing number of those who attend the new course. That is why we decided to give knowledge as a gift to Ćurpija– we will organize an internship program so that all those who sailed into IT waters have the opportunity to upgrade, expand and learn everything they will need for independent work tomorrow. Our experts from all offices in Serbia will be in charge of implementing the practice in the best possible way.
We invite you to join us. Take the opportunity to improve your skills by working on huge and challenging projects. As part of the Quantox team, you will also be able to take advantage of the benefits we have provided. Our offices are equipped with special care so that the work runs smoothly and we have many years of experience in mentoring.
Do you want to do the job you love in your city, among friends and family?
Information about open positions in our company you can find HERE!
We are waiting for you. Join us!