Rafting 2016 in numbers!!!

As we announced in period from 30.06.2016 to 03.07.2016. Rafting Center Tara-Raft welcomed 72 people from Quantox Technology.
We came to rafting center on Thursday around 2pm, and left it on Sunday at 11am, which means we spent around 70 hours hanging together. Camp management estimates we had around 4 or 5 hours of sleep per person out of those 70 hours.
Out of 72 people that came to rafting, 65 decided to go on adrenaline river ride on Friday. We were driven by 11 cars, and spread over 9 boats with 9 rafting skippers. All river boats went over 16km long riverbed of Tara river and another 4km of riverbed of Drina river. We got to finish in 3.5h spent on river. Out of which 3h were spent on water and 0.5h in pauses by the river. By unofficial, but precise measurements of skippers, every boat made average of 1236 strokes. Taken care that every stroke spends 32 to 36 calories, we burned approximately 44000 calories per boat. Pretty impressive, no? We weren’t lazy and make a bit different calculation, every boat became lighter in average by 4 to 6 kg.
This time of year around 500 cubic meters of water flows over Tara riverbed, which means for the time we spent on river approximately 324.000.000 cubic meters of water, which equals the capacity of Perućačko lake on the Drina.
We estimate each person had two sips of Tara river while, so we all took this natural beauty forever in ourselves.
On Saturday, 58 people took safari tour through national park Sutjeska. Passengers were spread over 9 jeeps with 9 drivers. During the trip, we went over Tjentiste, rainforest Perucicu with view on waterfall Skakavac (71m) and climbed viewpoint Prijevor with an elevation of 1660m. As our camp is on 440m, it means we overcome 1200m altitude. Way to go crew! Prijevor is beneath Maglic, which is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2386m). After Prijevor we visited the biggest open pool in Europe – Tjentiste. We crossed 140km during the safari and estimate loss of 6l of body liquid during the drive on the hot summer day.
During our stay hosts organized 3 music bands to play and entertain us in night hours. Music spent a total of 18 hours playing, which is a total of 567 songs played. Out of these only 4 songs were a folk genre. Also in the night between Thursday and Friday, they played 10 heavy metal songs which were taken very well from hosts as well as Quantox team.
A couple of interesting facts come from Tara-Raft bar. For the time we spent in camp, we drank 13 barrels of beer, 146 bottles of beer, 98 bottles of juice and 9l of spirits. The part which will mostly be interesting for programmers is how much coffee was consumed. Well, here’s the number: 200 domestic coffees and 32 nes coffees. No one was drinking tea.
Restaurant statistic says we had 22kg of meat during 4 days. Approximately 80kg of meat was consumed during lunch, around 60kg was used for breakfast, and another 80kg was served for dinner. We also spent 20kg of milk products, cheese, and kajmak.
Hope you enjoyed the read and facts and that we managed to present you part of atmosphere from teambuilding
Until next time…