Scholarships for Gymnasium in Cuprija by Quantox

Gymnasium in Cuprija

In its long and rich history, Gymnasium in Cuprija has seen a large number of pupils. Some of them have become National Heros, professors, doctors, and some have even earned the membership in the French Science Academy. But, no matter where they are and what they do, pupils from this famous gymnasium never forget their school and professors. Also, there are some of them who, with the great joy and a lot of proud, in the education field in their curriculum vitae put Gymnasium Cuprija! These people have decided to somehow pay the debt they feel they own to the school which has shaped them in the people they are today!
That’s the case with the Popovic Brothers – Vuk and Milan. Once pupils of Cuprija’s gymnasium, these two young people are building their IT careers both in their home country and abroad. They are the owners of the Quantox Technology company which has been successfully dealing with the creation of websites and applications, for both the European and World market. Even though they have finished their education and left Cuprija’s Gymnasium behind long ago, Milan and Vuk gladly come back to visit their hometown and the school which has, as they both say, had a huge influence on the development of their both personal and professional life.
In order to pay their “debt” they feel they owe to the school (at least one part of it), but also to motivate current pupils to work hard and diligently, these two, for the fourth year in a row are providing scholarships for the most successful pupils. Three of the best pupils at the end of each school year are getting 50.000, 30.000, and 20.000 dinars from the Quantox Technology company. Besides this, the company has donated over 30 computers for the Informatics cabinet of Gymnasium.

“This is just a small sign of gratitude for the school we attended and for which the most beautiful memories bind us. At the same time, we want to encourage young people to devote themselves to the education, because education with their constant work and monitoring of the demands of the market will bring them desired success”  says the founder of Quantox, Vuk Popovic.

Quantox Technology now employs more than 180 programming experts in the offices in Cacak, Belgrade, Kragujevac, and Nis when speaking of their homeland, Serbia, and one office in Santa Monica, LA.

“By developing and improving the company, we have learned to listen and follow the need for the advancement of the communities in which we operate, because only together can we achieve goals that will be fruitful for the whole society. This is also the reason why we actively participate in the lives of these communities and support their development” they say from Quantox.