Second acquisition in Serbia

Quantox is stronger for one more team of experts

Transparency, honesty, perseverance.

The values connecting Quantox Technology and Crowded Room Studio also make the foundation of the second planned acquisition in the domestic market. 

Since 2014, Crowded Room Studio, the company from Novi Sad, has been mostly focused on creating mobile applications -from educational software to social networks and video games. They developed those projects for clients from the USA, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Kuwait, etc.

“Above all, joining a large international company such as Quantox is a great opportunity for all of us at CRS to work together on larger and more complex projects, with clients who participate in the global market, and consequently further development in knowledge for our people. In this way, CRS employees get an open door for cooperation with the world’s largest companies”, says Bojan Trobok, CEO of Crowded Room Studio.

CRS brings a lot of experience and knowledge to Quantox, with a higher average seniority team, taking into account that the crew has been working together for more than three years. They emphasize working for the first start-up project for an American client which resulted in an even more connected and skilled team.

Filip Karaičić, CEO of Quantox Technology, sees the reinforcement as the next step of plans and strategies made for the development of this segment in the company and also as a next move to join the global start-up ecosystem.

“From primary expertise in the development of mobile applications and web platforms to start-up knowledge and experience, new colleagues and energy will certainly provide strong reinforcement of our team in areas where we want to make further progress in the future”, concludes Filip.

Acquisitions in the domestic market are becoming increasingly frequent – recent changes in the law joined with increased growth of the market lead to the fact that, even if there is no acquisition, smaller companies often make networks so that they can compete for larger projects. 

“Joining the large system certainly has its challenges and new approaches – more defined structures, communication systems, etc. However, with the mentioned values that we share and certain adjustments, I expect success”, concludes Bojan Trobok.

Quantox has more than 500 experts working in 13 development centers in 7 countries, and plans are to further expand the expert teams.

With our beginnings in Čačak as an entrepreneurial endeavor 15 years ago, the company’s growth and commitment have been recognized through the recent accomplishment and reward for The Fastest Growing Entrepreneur in Serbia in 2021, established by international consulting company Ernst & Young.

The end of the previous year was marked by the first acquisition of Quantox in Serbia when the company Bstorm from Belgrade became part of the team. With the latest reinforcement, the company continues its mission to create an environment that encourages development and an innovative approach to digital challenges. For the future, Quantox is planning even larger acquisitions in the country and the region with the expansion of developers centers in the Western European market.