Small talk with Djole

We present to you Djordje Sosic. Djole is our colleague from Cacak and he has been part of the team for more than four years. He deals with web design and today we will get to know him a little better through seven short questions. So, let’s begin:


  • Which programming language would you like to learn?

“I would like to learn “all” programming languages. Imagine what the salaries are when you are a full-stack programmer.” (laughs)


  • What would be the best project for you?

“It has to be as interesting and as complicated as possible, to be a challenge for me.”


  • What are the biggest challenges in working with clients?

“I think the biggest challenges are to understand what the clients really want, what is behind their demands in order to reach a solution that will satisfy the client as soon as possible.”


  • Have you ever regretted your choice to become a designer?

“Actually, yeah, when I saw other members of the design team. I realized that dealing with design can destroy you both mentally and physically.” (laughs) “I’m just kidding, of course, I didn’t regret it. The job of a designer is creative and dynamic so I recommend it to everyone.”


  • Recommend a book you’ve read or a documentary you’ve watched lately.

“I recently read the book “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell, and the documentary I would recommend is “The Last Dance” about Michael Jordan.”


  • Photoshop or Illustrator?



  • Work from home or from the office?

“From home. I got used to it, although I miss the crowd and colleagues more and more. I hope that soon all this about the virus will pass and that we will get back together.”


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