Small talk with Dzavra

Today we introduce you to Aleksandar Džavrić, our colleague from Kragujevac. Some of you may have already “met” him during Quantox Virtual Conf. He was the one who opened our conference with his lecture on the development path of programmers and very useful tips. You can watch the lecture here, and get to know Dzavra a little better below.

  • Which programming language would you like to learn?

    “That would definitely be GoLang.”

  • If you could choose a supernatural power to help you in your work, what would it be?

    “Maybe levitation. To reduce the pressure on the spine. All of us who sit a lot need it.”

  • What would be the best project for you?

    “An internal project of the company which would work with new technologies and which would have a large budget, and whose purpose would be to help children become or stay healthy.”

  • A favorite anecdote from work?

    “Every “tavern salary” is a favorite anecdote. Every month on salary day, I go to a tavern with my colleagues from the Kragujevac office. We have a favorite tavern, which is our most common choice, but we do not hesitate to explore new places.”

  • Early bird or a late owl?

    “Early bird. I wake up every morning before 6 o’clock… but I don’t even go to bed very early.” (laughter)

  • What are your impressions of the conference?

    “Positive. I think it’s an interesting way to learn something new with the help of people who are experts in their fields.”

  • Are you satisfied with your performance?

    “I am, considering that this was my first conference lecture.”

  • Did you have stage fright?

    “No. Maybe only when it’s all over.” (laughter)

  • Have you had any experience before?

    “Yes, I gave lectures at Quantox’s internal workshops and at the Faculty of Science in Kragujevac.”

  • Would you try again in the role of a lecturer?

    “Yes, I think it’s a good experience and also important for the career of us as programmers and future managers/architects.”