Small talk with Igor

Igor Stamenković comes from Niš. He is part of our HR team and works as a recruiter, and was also a lecturer at our recent conference. He says he has always wanted to be involved in programming and software development. His father was involved in programming and design too, so that love for computers was born at a very young age. He graduated from the high school “Bora Stanković” in the field of informatics, but he realized that it was not his calling and then he decided to enroll at the Faculty of Philosophy – Department of Psychology. His fields of interest are social psychology and learning theory. Quantox was the company that gave him the opportunity to unite his two loves.

  • Is the job of a recruiter difficult? 

„My feelings for work are mixed. I think that it is not emotionally difficult because working with people and the desire to contribute to their success is noble and that is what fulfills me. We, recruiters, are fighting for a better future for people because we give them the opportunity for a new, better job and at the same time for the benefit of the company and the general growth of the IT community in Serbia. But I must admit that it can be hard when the workload is increased.”

  • What is the hardest thing when it comes to working with people?

„As I mature, I think that cynicism and passive aggression are the hardest for me. When people are not honest in communication and conceal their motives and thoughts. This makes every conversation quite difficult, not only in the professional sphere.”

  • Have you ever regretted your choice to become a recruiter? 

„I haven’t had a chance yet and I hope it will stay that way in the future. Every job has ups and downs, so, sometimes I think I made a mistake but these are brief moments of reconsideration.”

  • What prejudices did you have about IT people before you started working with them? 

„The truth is, I had prejudices. I thought that everyone had to be university educated and that they necessarily had to learn more about engineering, but as I became more and more involved in IT, I realized that it was not necessary.”

  • Recruitment or HR?

„Both because it is ideal to do tasks for both. It gives me the impression of how we function and on the other hand it brings dynamism to the business and prevents monotony.”

  • Favorite Quantox benefit?

„It used to be remote but now it is not a benefit but a necessity. I liked the attitude of the company, that the health of the employees is in the first place, so with the first signs of the Covid19, the team was sent to work from home. In Nis, we were one of the first companies to decide to take that step.”

  • What are your impressions of the conference?

„Mixed but definitely positive. I really liked the idea as well as the range of topics. The lecturers were qualified and professional to talk about their topics.”

  • Are you satisfied with your performance? 

„Yes, I am. There are things I can improve but overall it was good. I wish I had a live audience.”

  • Have you had any experience before? 

„I had experiences when I lectured to college students. I like to have performances and to address people.”

  • Which other lecture did you like the most? 

„Although I’ve watched almost all the lectures, I can’t decide on one. Džavrić had a very nice lecture and I also liked Vojo’s, which was concise and specific. Uroš explained everything thoroughly and impartially. Petar’s lecture was also honest and interesting. They were all great and quality.”

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