Small talk with Ivan

We did an interview with a guy who knows how to rule the chaos. Yes, we are thinking about the chaos caused by programming. 🙃
He is 27 and he works in our Ukraine team. His name is Ivan and he is PHP addicted.


  • How did you decide to become a developer?
    „That was plan B if I don’t succeed as a Sound Engineer.  Programming was pretty easy for me, and university teachers said that I`m pretty talented. I’ve read a lot of material, learn how to develop in my free time, and in the last year of study, I found a great opportunity to start a programming career.”


  • Do you know or would you like to learn any other programming language?
    „It would be better to learn some additional technologies that could help me in the working process. I’m a PHP evangelist, so for me, there are a lot of great languages, but PHP is a leader of web development and kind of compromise over different language approaches.”


  • What motivates you the most at work?
    „When I see that my job brings results – the happiness to clients, money to the company, and developers.”


  • What do you like the most about working in Quantox?
    „I am free to choose hours, and there are a lot of experienced colleagues to help me with troubleshooting.”


  • If you need help you go to (which colleague)?
    „Ivan Karanjac supports me all the time, and for the “developers discussions” I have Movsar.”


  • Laravel or Symfony?


  • Work from home or from the office?
    „Office – like it a lot!”


  • What are your impressions of the conference?
    „That was my first experience with conferences as a speaker, also the first time I was speaking in a non-native language. But I did it well because I prepared in time.”


  • Are you satisfied with your performance?
    „Yeah, sure! Next time will grab more time for speech.”


  • Did you have stage fright?
    „Not a lot of, but got a little shivering. 😅 I have a lot of experience in public communications, but not related to developer stuff.”