Small talk with Miloš

Today, you will see a valuable member of our team in front of you – Miloš. He has been training karate for many years, he loves chess, music, movies and besides all that, he says that his favorite hobby is work. He also participated in our conference and you can see his lecture here.


  • Is it necessary to have an artistic spirit to be a designer?
    Yes, but practice and the will to work and study mean a lot more.”


  • What else does it take to be good at your job?
    First of all, you must regularly follow the trends and always keep up with them. Important factors are perseverance, motivation, and inspiration.”


  • How did you learn?
    „My interest in design arose fifteen years ago while I was working in printing houses. First I learned graphic and then web design (along with HTML and CSS) which I still do today.”


  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve done so far?
    I participated and won international competitions, and as the most interesting thing I would single out the fact that I designed a can for Heineken beer for domestic markets and won first place in the Carlsberg regional competition.”


  • Would you like to learn a programming language?
    „Yes, PHP and Java. And I would also like to perfect the HTML and CSS I learned at the beginning of my career.”


  • What attracted you to work at Quantox?
    The fact that the company is serious and the team is great. Before I started working, I received recommendations from colleagues, first hand. I also liked that the company works with strong clients and that there is room for improvement.”


  • What would be the best project for you?
    My best projects are those where I have no restrictions, ie. I have complete freedom.”


  • What are your impressions of the conference?
    „I would have preferred if the conference was live, but now the situation has dictated that it must be held online. That would be a bigger challenge for me.”


  • Are you satisfied with your performance?
    „It’s weird when you hear yourself teaching. It helped me see some things about myself, and to know which segment I need to progress. Certainly a very big and nice new experience.”


  • Did you have stage fright?
    „Yes, for the first half-hour of the lecture and not for the last 10 minutes. 😁 I realized I knew what I was talking about and that there was no need to be nervous.”