Small talk with Petar

Petar is a passionate coffee lover and a master at preparing it. So it is with programming. He uses various technologies – Front End, Back End, DevOps. He loves hackathons – he was in the winning team twice. Peter also likes to participate in meetups and conferences, he is the organizer of NišJS meetup.
Besides that, he was one of the organizers of our Quantox Virtual Conf and his lecture is available here.


  • What did your development path in Quantox look like?
    „When I started, I only did Angular (Front End) but I learned fast and I started getting involved in BackEnd tasks. After only half a year, I became team lead. More projects and dynamic business has led to more engagement. Then we started working on our big project Review Network and after that, I was a CINO.”


  • What motivates you the most at work?
    „The feeling when you have a problem and you solve it. And when you imagine something and then you do it in reality. That is a great satisfaction.”


  • Do you have a secret source of creativity?
    „Cool ideas for the applications often come up from the daily chat with Hamato.”


  • When did you realize you wanted to be a programmer?
    „As a very young child because my dad is a programmer. From a young age, I watched him do something and then I would try it too, so it would irritate me if I didn’t know how, and that’s why I was determined to learn.”


  • If you weren’t a programmer would you do?
    „I would work in a coffee shop.”


  • What attracted you to work at Quantox?
    „The dynamic atmosphere, cool people, plenty of room to progress. I immediately liked the fact that I didn’t feel like I was at work, but like I came to enjoy, hang out and do something useful.”


  • Tabs or Spaces?
    „Spaces all the way!”


  • What are your impressions of the conference?
    „I think it was great because everything went spontaneously and since it was our first, it went well. There were no major omissions and there were a lot of people making me happy. I also had fun making a conference site.”


  • Are you satisfied with your performance?
    „Yeah, I’m always satisfied when I prepare something in one day and it comes out to be good. We had some changes in the schedule and I had to “hoop-in” at the last minute, but I didn’t mind.”


  • How did you gain experience as a lecturer?
    „I have always loved to share what I know and to teach others so I have always been happy to participate as a lecturer at meetups. But I did not enjoy preparing the lecture but the improvisation itself. So when you do that a lot of times it becomes a habit.”


  • Do you still have stage fright?
    „I have, but it’s not the same anxiety as before, because when you have a public appearance several times, you know that nothing bad can happen, and even if it does, it’s not a big deal.”