Small talk with Uroš

Our colleague Uroš Anđelić from Belgrade took a few minutes and chatted with us. He revealed to us that he has been working as a programmer for 3 and a half years and that he is self-taught. He first learned Java and then PHP, Python, and JavaScript. He also shared his knowledge and experience on Quantox Virtual Conf, and anyone who hasn’t watched it can do so on our Youtube channel.

  • Which programming language would you like to learn?

“I try to keep up with new technologies. At the moment, Node is interesting to me, I would like to learn GoLang as well.”

  • How did you decide on Java?

“I wanted to make Android apps so Java seemed like a good first and generic language. But by chance, I started doing backend with PHP and I stayed on it.”

  • Do you have ambitions to become a full-stack?

“I would like to have my own start-up one day, and in order to be able to do that, I need to know how to do “everything”. So, yeah, I do think in that direction.”

  • Recommend a book or tutorial that you used while learning?

“The book “You don’t know JS” is one very handy source. There is no single author, but a group of professionals is constantly updating it in accordance with the development. It’s free and available on GitHub.”

  • What misconceptions do people have when it comes to learning programming languages?

“You need to pay for a course and give money to learn to program. Plenty of quality content is available online and for free.”

  • What was the best project in Quantox you worked on so far?

“I bring the best experience from one short project. It was made from scratch and with the latest technologies like Laravel and React. It is in my opinion a kind of ideal project.”

  • Laravel or Symphony?


  • Angular or React?


  • Tabs or spaces?

“Spaces but by pressing the tab.”

  • Are you satisfied with your lecture at Quantox Virtual Conf?

“I am. This was my first experience of this type, and I would definitely try again as a lecturer.”