Small talk with Vojo

This time, our interlocutor is Vojislav Branović. Vojo is 31 years old and lives in Čačak. He has been working at Quantox for almost 8 years and he has started as a content writer. Two years ago, he decided to study for QA and officially changed his position (and job) a year ago. In his free time, he plays basketball, likes hiking, and reading books.
He was also part of our recently held Quantox Virtual Conf and you can see his lecture here.


    • How did you decide to embark on an adventure and re-qualify?

    “At one point in my career as a content writer in the BPO sector, I reached a level where there was no room for advancement and then I realized that I wanted and needed to learn something new in order to improve. and increase earnings, and the company met my needs.”


    • Was it hard?

     “It was not difficult, it was very interesting for me and I would do it again.”


    • Who helped you the most in your studies? 

    “Mentor on the course I attended. I learned the rest myself, from the internet, and the material I got from school.”


    • Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about retraining?

    “Learn something new every day because in that way you can advance in your career and avoid the monotony of working in the same job forever.”


    • What are the biggest challenges in working with clients? 

    “To understand what they want because they are generally not precise enough when setting tasks.”


    • The favorite anecdote with colleagues

    “It’s hard to say because things that happen spontaneously and remain as a fond memory for us might not be interesting or funny to others, but I’m happy that I work in a company where situations like that occur on a daily basis.”


    • Can you recommend some books?

    “Yes, “Dark Tower” by Stephen King, “Kosingas” – Aleksandar Tesic, and “The Shack” – William P. Young”


    • Favorite Quantox benefit? 

    “Friends.” 🙂


    • Are you satisfied with your lecture at the conference? 

    “Considering that I have never given a lecture before, I think that I was solid. I would love to do the same again.”


    • Did you have stage fright?

    “I would be lying if I said that I was not, but I learned in sports to turn it into a positive stage fright that better affects my performance.”