Smart TV Apps extend audiences as more people cut the cord!

Content providers have to move where the audience is
When traffic moved from over the air television and radio audiences with rabbit ear antennas to cable television and proprietary satellite systems many businesses were suddenly faced with a slew of corporate regulations governing what kinds of content they could produce, and turning those walled garden systems into powerful gateways that could dictate the direction studios needed to go in if they wanted to reach a mass market. In the last few years, that paradigm is shifting as an ever-increasing number of customers cuts their cords and decides to self-determine exactly the kind of content they want to consume.

Studies are showing that the percentage of US adults in 2015 who have never subscribed to cable or satellite TV will reach 12.9%

A recent study by DigitalSmiths showed that in 2014 roughly 8.2% of pay-TV subscribers had ditched their services to become early adopters of smart TV apps, set-top boxes, and the web to television services. According to Nielsen, there were 116.4 million homes in the US expected to watch TV during the 2015-16 season, which works out to be about 9.5 million of those homes converting. That number is validated by a study done by Statista regarding Pay-TV subscribers in 2016 that estimated that there would only be 96.4 million Pay-TV households left by 2019. eMarketer went even further and concluded that in 2015 4.9 million US households will cut the cord, a spike in ratios that is almost 11% more than last year. Perhaps even more importantly, studies are showing that the percentage of US adults in 2015 who have never subscribed to cable or satellite TV will reach 12.9% as Millennials leading the shift and have become the largest demographic globally.
What does all this mean to a commercial business creating or marketing digital content?
There are now a massive amount of people who were previously inaccessible, seeking the kind of content you create – but many are likely using services to access content that your company is not yet connected to for whatever reason.
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