Speed Matters More Than Ever For UI/UX and SEO

In sports and virtually every other form of competition, the cliché is that speed kills, because getting to the goal first provides an undeniable advantage for one competitor over the other. That same principle applies to all forms of web development and it is becoming increasingly essential thanks to recent changes by Google and others to the way organic web traffic is allocated.

Even more importantly, the expectations of your customers are tied directly to the speed of your site, apps and digital products.

No Lag⁠—No Inefficient Coding

In the dial-up era, it was common to wait for a page to load due to lag times caused by low bandwidth. This was also a blessing for inefficient developers because the slow loading times and resources squandered by their code were often covered up by the even slower download speeds available to customers. Now, with many clients having access to 1GB connections and mobile providers continually improving throughout while spreading the reach of public WiFi, even the smallest lag or latency is infuriatingly obvious to your potential customers or clients.

Test Your Website Load Time

Google had repeatedly expressed the fact that mobile load times are now a significant signal used in determining their search results, and that has even gone so far as to provide a simple tool to test your load times on desktop and mobile versions of your website. The tool is free and it assigns a 1 to 100 score for your site speed. Even more importantly, it makes simple suggestions of ways to improve your speed score, and it is critical to achieving a score of 85 or better for both Mobile and Desktop on nearly any website you publish.

What Is Mobilegeddon?

The so-called Mobilegeddon update Google made in 2015 underscored the importance of Mobile responsive design and echoed the significance of making sure your site loads lighting fast across any device that a viewer decides to use.

Quantox Smart Coding for Supersonic Speed!

Quantox helps many of our clients by cleaning up the antiquated code, refreshing the underlying database structures being used and making many other seemingly small improvements to incrementally optimize existing websites. We also use industry best practices and many proprietary methods to ensure that any new site we create for you is as fast as possible, to the delight of search bots and human visitors alike. Let’ Talk!