Top 10 Software Development trends in 2022

The progress and the advancement that software development has made in recent history is groundbreaking. The human race has transcended from the beings who had no idea about the digital world to the ones who have conquered it completely. Even in the troublesome times with the outbreak of Covid-19 that has caught the world in a grip, software development is unstoppably moving forward and we are all here to witness it. Latest software development technologies are allowing us to understand the digital world a little better with every passing day.

There are hundreds of thousands of companies that need specialized software developed for them and the developer teams are constantly improving their software engineering skills. Of course, many have to thank the growing number of software development trends. They are the ones that shape our reality day after day. Each year comes with new challenges and new software industry trends. Seeing as this branch of the industry is the fastest-growing one, it would be difficult to imagine that the year 2022 doesn’t bring its own trends into the conversation. 

These trends in software engineering directly influence the future of the software industry and the advancement of software development. The year 2022 is said to be the year when digital technology is going to flourish and push the boundaries. The top trends are going to help with that so it is paramount that every branch of the software development industry adheres to them. Therefore, we present you with the top 10 software development trends that will shape the year 2022.

Trend 1 – Augmented Reality

Starting the list of software development trends in the year 2022, we start off with one of the more spectacular ones. Augmented reality (AR) has been in the pores of our human race for a good deal of years. In recent years, it made a great breakthrough and showed us that we can augment our reality and use real surroundings and the environment for the greater good. This type of augmented reality is used in many different industries. It has found its way into the automobile industry, navigation, retail, manufacturing, video game industry, medicine, and even the Army training programs.

AR is a highly visual technology that lets us interact with our surroundings by augmenting it to our needs and wishes. It has been shown that the implementation of augmented reality considerably merits industrial enterprises. It boosts productivity, lowers the costs of equipment across the field, and improves the overall operational performance. It is, hence, not a surprise that augmented reality keeps being a trend that people recognize year after year. Its use in today’s world is still limited but it will continue to push the boundaries of its existence and implementation.

Trend 2 – Virtual Reality

One of the trends in the software development industry that just keeps getting bigger and better in time is definitely Virtual Reality (VR). This is the type of technological advancement that makes us wonder about the reach and possibilities of the human race. Virtual reality allows you to step into a different world completely. It differs from augmented reality because you have no real ties to the real world. It is a 3D virtual experience like no other so it comes as no surprise that VR is still one of the biggest software development trends in 2022.

It is the kind of technology that stimulates all of your senses and we can differentiate between three primary categories of VR – non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully immersive. The one that catches the most attention is the fully-immersive virtual reality that prompts the usage of futuristic VR headsets like Oculus Rift. This kind of virtual reality can be really beneficial for software developers, architects, and many others. It has become a new way of creating media and entertainment. Therefore, the increasing need for virtual reality is not surprising to anyone.

Predicted market size of VR/AR software for different use cases in 2025
Predicted market size of VR/AR software for different use cases in 2025

Trend 3 – Artificial Intelligence

If we were to determine the one trend that has been on the steady rise for the last half a decade, it is undeniably Artificial Intelligence (AI). We have witnessed the rise of machines as they are now able to perform complex tasks driven by AI. This technology has vastly made our lives easier because the space for human error has been critically reduced in some vital industrial areas. To start from the lowest bits, artificial intelligence has replaced people in many customer supports. The so-called AI chatbots are now able to answer all of your questions in a matter of seconds.

Many examples from the digital world show us that AI is not a trend anymore. It is a surmountable force in the engineering world that is taking the world over like a hurricane. Software development has been vastly influenced by the emergence of AI and the development teams offer various solutions in the fields of education, banking, finance, and many others. AI is used for predictions, problem-solving, and assistance in many fields of work so it is not a surprise to see that this trend continues for many years to come.

Picture 2: Artificial Intelligence Statistics by Sectors
Picture 2: Artificial Intelligence Statistics by Sectors

Trend 4 – DevOps

When a software development team approaches a project, it needs to have a clear picture of what it is required to do. For that reason, the connection between the developers and IT operations is crucial for the project to be successful. The integration of processes between software development and IT teams is called DevOps. It is a set of practices, tools, and procedures that automate and integrate such a process. It is something that makes each software development process easier for every party.

Usually, the most important thing in any software development process is the communication and cooperation between the teams within an organization. It is not a technology but it is focused on the adoption of basic methodologies. It prompts people and teams to work together towards a common goal. It is one of the trends in the software industry that helps everyone achieve their goals and we cannot overlook its influence.

Trend 5 – Progressive Web Applications

When we speak about the trends that directly affect custom software development, the rise and spread of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) directly influence the developer teams’ decisions in making software. They are a mixture of web and mobile applications. The reason why many developers are clinging to them is that they are extremely easy to develop. They don’t depend on fast internet speeds and they can be accessed on any platform.

This is the reason why many websites are using PWAs. They simply allow them to have application-like options on their websites so it comes as no surprise that huge companies like Google and Adobe are investing a lot of money in the development of these applications. Because of the background use of Service Workers, everyone believes that they are the future of web development.

Trend 6 – Blockchain

There are many reasons why Blockchain technology is so important and popular in today’s digital world. It cannot be owned and controlled by a single individual, but it can be used to improve your software development needs. It represents a digitally distributed record of transactions or data stored on a wide network of computers. Blockchain technology has found its use in many areas of life from medicine to finance and it has introduced cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to the world.

Blockchain brings transparency, security, and accuracy, increases speed and reduces costs. Therefore, when it comes to the use of blockchain technology in software development, the outsourcing or insourcing teams that can use it are at a far greater advantage than those that cannot. The increased use of mobile applications with enhanced security means that blockchain-based technology is being used more and more. Because of all of that, blockchain technology has found its way into software development.

Trend 7 – Cybersecurity

When we talk about living in the digital age, there is a constant danger of becoming victims of the dark side of the internet. Cybersecurity is something that everyone needs because no one wants to live without security and protection. This is exactly why the companies who need custom software development, whether via outsourcing or in-house development, place a special emphasis on cybersecurity. Usually, smaller businesses cannot afford a specialized security team so they implement highly competent security applications to keep them safe. 

This trend in 2022 will mainly focus on DevSecOps as it detects threats easily and fixes potential vulnerabilities. Also, the businesses will need a valid certification that the software is going to be functional and stable. For the most part, businesses rely on ISO assurance certification. It would be very difficult to maintain consistency if you don’t have ISO certification. Therefore, this trend is also one to look out for in 2022.

Trend 8 – Cloud-Based Solutions

One of the trends that are characteristic for companies, enterprises, and software developers is the increased use of Cloud-Based Solutions and applications. One of the premises of this technology is that the companies will pay only for the solutions that they are using. Together with lowered costs, Cloud-Based Solutions come with many other benefits. First of all, they are accessible and efficient even when working with multiple servers.

Software products based on Cloud software can work anywhere including private, public, or hybrid clouds. Opposite to these services, the on-premise solutions focus only on the on-site infrastructure. These restrictions have prompted many companies to accept Cloud technologies and cloud computing as some of the trends that are undoubtedly on the rise.

Trend 9 – Big Data

Since the beginning of the century, collecting and storing data has become one of the most common practices in the digital world. Big Data is simply too big to be accessed or processed by traditional methods. Startups and big enterprises have found a way how to use data and reap benefits from doing that. So, today, it is not important anymore how much data you have but how you use it. Just like other fragments of the digital age, Big Data has its clusters.

We can talk about three different types of Big Data – Structured Data, Semi-structured Data, and Unstructured Data. The examples of using Big Data in the world are numerous. Social networks, Stock exchanges, Jet engines, Netflix, and many others. As you can see, it is everywhere around us and Big Data will only get bigger. It is a trend that cannot be denied and ignored.

Trend 10 – Use of Popular Programming Languages

Finally, we finish this observant insight into the leading software development trends in the year 2022 with the one trend that simply cannot be overlooked. Even though we put it in the last spot, there is no doubt that the use of popular programming languages is vital for any corporation and its software development needs. For years, some of the most popular programming languages have been Python and JavaScript. Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the IT sector and it presents easy solutions for modern software needs.

On the other hand, JavaScript is just as used and popular in the software industry. The reason why it is so popular is that it has extraordinary back-end capabilities and it can be used on any platform. The use of this programming language is not restricted to only developers. Clients also use it all the time and that is why it is a vital part of many different custom software development processes. Programming languages are evolving but it is really hard to predict that there will be some more popular than Python or JavaScript any time soon.

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