Truly Responsive Design Requires Much More Than A Simple WordPress Theme

One of the more common buzzwords among developers these days is responsive design’, which many confusingly misunderstand as ‘using a WordPress theme that looks sort of OK on mobile devices or desktop screens.’ The fact is that responsive design actually requires quite a bit more than that, and the benefits of doing it right are substantial.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design is all about presenting online content on any device as if it were intended to work perfectly on that device primarily. When a customer views your website from their desktop computer, they could care less how it might look on an Android phone. If they use an old and antiquated version of Netscape at their browser, they want to see the site in all its glory, and how it would have looked if they chose Chrome instead becomes meaningless to them. When it comes to design, the customer is always right, and that includes their implicit choices of mobile carrier, platform, operating system, browser, hardware, and software each time they visit your website.

Some great tools have been added to the development arsenal recently including HTML5, H.265/HEVC video codecs, SSL certifications, a slew of mobile diagnostic tools from Google and more.

How Does Quantox Make Your Design Ideas Work Anywhere, Anytime?

Utilizing these tools and many others, Quantox creates websites, mobile apps and offline marketing materials that give your brands a terrific uniform presence in a way that is completely agnostic to the choice of device or viewing methods your existing or potential clients prefer. To learn more, contact your Quantox agent and see some examples of what responsive design can actually do for your own bottom line. Let’s Talk!