We present: Urke, PHP lead u Quantox Technology

Urke – PHP lead programmer @ Quantox Technology
As one of the oldest members of Quantox family, Urke decided to share set up of his work desk.
A must on his desk are little toys (for inspiration), we are after all kids, aren’t we? Two big 27’’ Dell IPS screens, to have enough space for daily duties, but to have his eyes protected as well. These two beasts are connected to Macbook pro which increased compiling the code and his overall speed. After using Windows and Linux, OSX made his life way easier. The terminal is always open on one screen, while the other one is used for Chrome, Sublime Text, and other development tools.
This digital warrior found the perfect balance in the Sublime Text editor, as he has the option to add a lot of different packages to meet even the most complicated tasks.
At the end of the week, Urke relaxes and work listening tohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBEjtp1IqEE
Trivia: Urke is the one to give nicknames to everyone that started working after him.

Uros php programer
Urke, PHP programmer, Quantox Technology

php programer radni sto
Check out how the desk of a  PHP programmer at Quantox Technology looks like!