Web Design isn’t about being the fanciest artist

Artistic Talent- Important But Not Crucial

There are artists in the world that can create magnificent masterpieces that evoke emotional connections with otherwise inanimate objects. Quantox Technology does not hire any of them. While we appreciate artistic talent, that isn’t what makes someone a great designer for commercial applications.

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Oil Painting Won’t Work On Your Computer Screen

Vuk-Popovic Quantox Founder

“Our clients want to overcome a frustrating obstacle in their business plans, or are seeking to expand their operations, ” said Vuk of Quantox. “They may want to refresh the look and feel of a website to be in line with the best converting designs currently trending, or they may want to improve the efficiency of their sales funnel with a simpler, more obvious path to making purchases.These are time sensitive tasks that can’t be done by moody or overly sensitive artists. When our clients contact us, our goal is to earn them more money with clean, effective and entertaining designs that improve retention without any unnecessary expenses. Every designer who works at Quantox is great at that, regardless of whether they work well with oil paints and marble chisels or not…”

How Design Portfolio May Be Misleading?

Many business owners are lulled into a false sense of confidence when they are shown the portfolio of an amateur designer who has made a few outstanding pieces of art in the past. Keep in mind, that portfolio likely took them years to create, was probably done when their mood inspired them, and each item in that portfolio may have earned zero dollars for any client no matter how nice it looked.

Milan-Danilovic-Lead Designer Quantox
“When I start to work on the UI/UX of a website, I’m not looking at it while pretending to be Michelangelo,” said Milan, Lead Designer for Quantox. “What I’m doing is putting myself in the mindset of being your potential customer or recurring member. My goal is to increase the number of signups your site brings in, to keep your existing members recurring and present your content in ways that have the best impact on the financial health of your company. If I feel like drawing for fun, I can do that during my lunch hour or on the weekends, professional design isn’t about fun and whimsy, it’s about earning dollars, euros and the trust of your consumers.”

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State-of-the-art Digital Design is Found in Quantox!

We look forward to having the opportunity to show you why our design team wins awards from business communities and appreciation from the CEOs, even if it isn’t likely to ever adorn the walls of a famous museum (unless that museum is trying to improve revenue from its ticket sales). Quantox Technology provides free price quotes for design work and can also fully integrate any of the other back-end services your company needs to provide you with a top quality fully-functional digital property faster and better than you ever expected. Let’s Talk about your project!