Web Development Trends for 2017

Depending on how old you are, you may think that the year 2017 sounds pretty futuristic, even though that’s where we are right now. The web development trends for this time period do seem like something that even just 10 years ago would have been just a pipe dream or perhaps even something you might see on a science fiction television show. Watch out for these trends, and ask us how we can help you make these a reality for your business.


1. 360 Degree Video

 The 360-degree video is revolutionizing certain industries. It’s applicable to education, where students can really see what a particular environment is like without having to visit it. They can see a full view of the rain forest or outer space for much cheaper than a trip in a rocket ship! It’s also doing great things for the real estate industry. Realtors can save a lot of time by showing potential clients 360-degree videos of a space before visiting it to make sure it will be something they are interested in.

2. Virtual Reality

 Virtual reality takes the idea of a 360-degree video one step further. There have been some amazing headset devices released onto the market in the past year, and different industries are exploring how virtual reality can best benefit them. Of course, video games and adult video are the things that people have been focusing on the most, but a virtual reality video advertisement to give potential clients an immersive experience can put you a cut above the rest.

3. Artificial Intelligence

 When you think of AI you might think of robots that take over the world or something like that, but AI is really a lot more simple than that right now. Even many search engine algorithms are already using artificial intelligence to help determine what a person means when they type in a particular query. In addition, digital assistants are assisted greatly by AI, and all of the big tech companies are doing some heavy research into this field.

Quantox- Keeping up With Trends Since 2006

Any web development trend for 2017 is worth your time and you should not be hesitant to put them in practice as soon as possible. Ensure your software stays up to date with the latest trends with Quantox– a company that always works with the latest technologies and solutions. Let’s Talk and discuss how to upgrade your digital product.