When having Outsourcing Partner is the right choice – Complete Guide

Hiring someone from outside to do some work for your company can be hard, especially when deciding whether you should hire a freelancer or use an outsourcing company. It is not an easy decision to make and there are many reasons for that. There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind when making a business decision like this one. This succinct guide will help you with this, clarifying different outsourcing perspectives and showing you when it is a smart decision to trust your project to a third party and why. 

Difference between a Freelancer and an Outsourcing Partner

Freelancers are typically individuals who provide specialized services on their own time while outsourcing companies have full-time employees who can provide many types of services under their direct supervision.
Many professional companies and people prefer outsourcing companies because there is a single contact person that can give you access to a wealth of services. When you go with freelancers, you have to contact different freelancers for different services, which will not only put a strain on your Rolodex but which can easily get confusing and often lead to scheduling conflicts and priority issues that ultimately lead to wasted time and resources. This becomes especially problematic if you have a lot of projects happening simultaneously.
Another reason why businesses prefer to use an outsourcing company is that it mitigates risk. If a freelancer gets sick or has some type of a family emergency – that’s it – your project is delayed. Your work will not get done until the freelancer is back to work. However, if the person working on your product from an outsourcing company is ill one day, there is typically someone else there who can pick up the slack and keep your projects chugging along. Thus, outsourcing companies tend to give you more complete coverage and get a job done faster.
Lastly, with freelancers, there is no surefire way to vet them. Sure, there are online review sites, and they may provide you with references before you hire them, but if you choose an outsourcing company, they have already gone through the hiring process. Thus, they know their employees well, and typically know that they are quality workers who will finish the job on time because they have a reputation to uphold. 
Freelancer VS Outsourcing company close-up

Freelancer VS Outsourcing company close-up

Hiring a random freelancer from Fiverr may sound like a smart way to save money until you examine all the unintended consequences and possible pitfalls. Learn to put those risks on the shoulders of an outsourcing company, shoulders broad enough to carry them for you.
Checklist for an effective outsourcing project selection
Some consulting companies will try to tell you that everything should always be outsourced (because it benefits them), but at Quantox, our goal is to help you succeed so that we can be part of a long-term relationship where you earn far more than you spend on our services. That’s why we have created this simple checklist to help you decide if a specific task is appropriate for outsourcing:

  • Project complexity
  • Core Competencies
  • Milestones

Project Complexity
The first factor is the complexity of the project or components you are considering outsourcing. Small tasks that are not mission-critical are excellent opportunities for outsourcing because they can be cleared off your timeline and accomplished easily by a qualified third-party developer. Often, larger more complex tasks can be segmented into several smaller tasks, and an outsourced team of professionals can also carry them out efficiently (thanks to the wealth of experience). Once you have established a strong degree of trust with a company like Quantox, even the most complex modules can easily be outsourced unless they are a part of your core competency.
Core Competencies
Every company and employee of that company has a set of skills and talents that they bring to the table. If you are a terrific database designer, outsourcing database design will only serve to frustrate you because you would be asking someone else to do what you are best at. The best use of outsourced labor is in areas where you have some familiarity but do not have a high degree of expertise. Quantox often works in a modular manner to provide what our clients need most while leaving the things they are best at to be done in-house.
Milestones that matter
Almost any large task can be segmented into smaller better-defined milestones. Outsourcing works well when you can monitor progress along the way and offer input at specified intervals. That allows you to steer the project toward your desired goals, maintain maximum efficiency, and the result is almost always a great product completed on time and within budget. The more well-defined your timeline is, the more likely it is that outsourcing is the right answer for you.
Getting great results from outsourcing projects to Quantox is as much a matter of setting achievable milestones ahead of time as anything else. 

How Quantox Helps You Save Resources

So, you have a project and you are going to create a request for an outsourcing partner to get the job done. Keeping your project request clear and detailed will help you a lot down the line, as well as save you money. Project requests set the framework for the entire project, and it is best to start things off the right way.
If you end up presenting a project with a confusing description and scope of work, it costs your team time, costing you money. There are a few ways in which this will drain your pockets. First of all, all of the back and forth communication needed to clarify your work request just isn’t worth it, when with a clear work request your project can get started right away. 
Each minute you spend communicating and clarifying is time that is not being spent working on your project. 
The second reason why an unclear project proposal costs your company money is that unclear project requests can lead to creating drafts of your project that are completely misguided or simply not what you are looking for.
When creating clear project requests, it is also important to give your outsourcing partner input early on in the process, before making the request. This is a far better option than presenting an opportunity for input with a nearly finished project. This will also save you a lot of time and money because we will usually come in with great ideas that can improve any project that you have in mind. Using ideas that we can develop for you in the early stage will keep you from having to revise projects over and over to incorporate them.
Start your project off right with a clear and concise request that will pave the way for the project you are envisioning. Having Quantox as a partner will provide you with a clear and concise set of deliverables, dates, and desired outcomes right from the start.
Embrace the many outsourcing benefits and let’s work together diligently!