Your Logo Matters: Ideas for Finding the Right Tone

Here at Quantox, we had a few different iterations of our logo before we settled on the one we have right now. Our final logo portrays everything about us that we want you to know. It says that we are a forward-thinking, tech-savvy and well-organized company. What you may not know about many logos is that there is a hidden message in it. The upper two portions of the “Q” actually represent the brackets that programmers use when coding in HTML and PHP. We modified them to fit the idea and added the details to make it recognizable as the letter Q. Of course, coming up with a logo idea is a process that takes a little while, and requires the input of quite a few people, however, once you find the one that you know represents exactly what you are looking for, you will know it.

We created a video in order to closely illustrate the inspiration for our logo and we want to share it with everyone. This also gives you an idea of the type of ingenious thinking that could go into our collaboration when you go with us for your branding and consulting needs. We have over 100 people working with us who have different expertise in software and web development who can give you a unique and interesting perspective. This video about the origins of our logo gives you an idea of just how easy it is for our teams to get creative together, and come up with the best possible ideas for you and your brand!

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