Your Sales Funnel Should Be A Conversation

Imagine if you walked into a brick and mortar store and were greeted by a salesperson who immediately asked, “What is your date of birth and credit card number?” A store like that wouldn’t get many sales or last very long, yet online site owners seem to think it is somehow more acceptable to create landing pages that abruptly demand all kinds of personal information from potential customers in a completely non-conversational way.

Too often we are given site mock-ups or see sites designed by others that immediately request signup information from end users. Sure, having a signup button makes sense, or asking for a name and email address may be part of your business model, but the conversion ratios, time on site, bounce rates and other metrics can easily be improved across the board by engaging the viewer in a more conversational way.

The Right Time And Place To Ask For Personal Information

For example, instead of asking someone to enter their purchase information and then giving them access to a catalog of items for sale after they have registered, you will earn far more by allowing customers to browse your catalog as guests, let them choose the items that they want and only ask for payment details once they reach the cart page to complete their transaction.

The psychology of this method is very simple. Once someone has already invested ten or twenty minutes of their time browsing items, choosing products or services, and building a basic level of trust with your brand by seeing how well your site satisfies their requests, they become far more likely to take action at the eventual point of sale. Exactly the same way a shopper is more likely to buy a pair of jeans at a clothing store after browsing the shelves, selecting the perfect pair, trying them on, interacting with a sales associate and then later being asked to pay at checkout by a cashier.

Make Spending Money an Afterthought For Your Customers

The best sites do a terrific job making the sale seem secondary. As online marketers we are all focused on improving the CTR, maximizing revenue and preventing traffic leaks – but as a customer that all need to fade from your attention and be superseded by the fun and excitement of finding the site you want most, getting the attention you deserve and feeling as though the money being requested is more of an afterthought than the central priority of the entire user experience.

Upgrade Your Sales Funnel with Quantox!

Quantox experts are available right now to look over your existing sales funnel and to make actionable suggestions that improve the flow of traffic from your landing page to your join form or cart transaction page. The results are easy to track, and as any experienced marketer can tell you it is almost always easier to earn more by properly monetizing the traffic you do have than by inefficiently marketing to a new wave of visitors. Let’s Talk!