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Who we are

We are Quantox.
We last, learn and grow.
We grasp the challenge,
develop creative, high-quality software solutions and provide smooth, outstanding digital experiences.
Strongly entering the second decade of our work with more than 500 people on board, we cherish our milestones and constantly strive to break new ground in the world of digital.

Growing Stronger

Founded in Čačak 16 years ago, we are proud to be a pioneer of IT decentralization in Serbia, having opened 7 offices across the country.
Today, our international team counts more than 500 experts working from 13 development centers and 7 different countries.
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….and still growing

The Founder‘s Note

“We are all in this game to make improvements and strengthen capabilities that help achieve sustainable growth. At Quantox, we believe in creative solutions that bring results through data analytics, imagination, and a true passion for the art of web design and web development.”

Vuk Popović, Quantox Technology
Vuk Popović, Quantox Technology
Digital is Calling

Digital Is Calling

Change is the only constant and we are ready to embrace it fully.
The rapidly digitalized world is evoking new ways - from doing business to daily life habits, bringing changes in people’s behaviors, perceptions, and
With proper knowledge and a well-coordinated team, technology gives us many opportunities to do things smarter - with more efficiency and more joy.
Driving Force

Driving Force

We are devoted to constantly improving, growing stronger, and learning all the way.

By building support for sustainable and smart growth, we are striving to create recognizable accomplishments and a sense of purpose for all our people in the company, clients, stakeholders, and the community.


Generator of internal knowledge, skills and ideas to create value and make a leap in the digitalization era. Creating an environment that encourages quality and innovative approaches to digital challenges.


We focus on improving the digital world by improving ourselves.

Technology in the best service of human’s ideas and needs.
A Quantum Leap in making a difference.

Our Approach

Build-up to Mastery

Building strong expert teams within a company is our main power to transform business ideas into final top-notch digital products and experiences that create meaningful and measurable value for our clients and users.

Completely built infrastructure within depth-knowledge make a solid foundation for building strong partnerships with our clients, giving 360° – IT support, and addressing various sorts of challenges digitalization brings.

Partnership Principles






Thorough approach

We have proven that a genuine partner is more than getting the job done. We have proven that a reliable digital partner is what makes a true difference.

Our Attitude Differentiates Us

Whether working with a startup, small business, or an established company, our perspective is always on point.


Focus on quality, cost-effectiveness,and strategic approach that will make your business grow and excel.


Gaining important insights and targeting the essence in a cost-effective manner is our power.


We know how important it is to set clear goals and to be flexible and agile at the same time, making space for innovative and disruptive breakthroughs.

Passion & Comprehension

We love what we do.
At Quantox, we grasp the challenge, target the essence and make it possible. With leading technology as a tool and our people as the biggest power force, we believe in creating advanced results – joining tech, creativity, and data analytics with a thorough approach.

Merging deep interest in software web development with qualitative insights and clear purpose gives us a better understanding of our clients and users and the opportunity to unlock creative power in delivering innovations.


Growing Stronger

Our people are our strength and story.

We are dedicated to giving all our people full support, listening to them with close attention, and appreciating their accomplishments.

With more than 500 people on board, we are progressing together in leaps and bounds, breaking new grounds and nurturing transparent communication and a professional approach to every single project that has been given to us.

Strong Individuals - Great Team

Quantox grows and evolves with every single member of our crew, cherishing diversity in an open and friendly atmosphere.
With powerful team support, you always have a backing and chance to thrive.
• Team Players
• Experienced Colleagues
• Tech Leaders
• Proactive Attitude
• Agile Approach

Grow in a Great Company!

We are brave and passionate to level up and push boundaries, and we also know how to enjoy and celebrate, have a good time and laugh together.


Our values

Truly committed to each other, encouraging and helping one another, making it possible for everyone to become better every day.


Build Real Skill.

At Quantox, we believe in never-ending learning, valuing achievements and support that gives you wind beneath your wings.

We Give Freedom and Build Responsibility.
We Share Knowledge and Spread Expertise.
We Provide Support and Develop the Initiative.
Be prepared for the real business challenges in a rapidly-evolving industry.
Become a real professional who brings a difference.
Build real skill. This is about you.

How far do you strive?

Acquire a set of knowledge, skills, and working attitude that is valued.
Our mentorship program is specially designed to discover talent and guide interns to reach their full potential.
Every level of competence in a diverse working position has a chance to go further in progress.
Every person has an opportunity to learn, grow and constantly broaden their perspectives.

Quantox Academy

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Talking About Hybrid

Dynamic work environment, hybrid working, remote operating and celebrating… the way we are working is changing but the goals are clear: strong communication and dedication.

Balanced tailored working packages, voluntary team activities, and a range of workplaces – from our 13 offices to your home or field of nature – choose a convenient environment and stay connected to your team.

People are of the most value for us and we always go beyond to offer the most suitable work blend they need to feel satisfied and motivated.

You can always book a meeting or contact our HR to get to know us better. We organize regularly #welcomingdays you can join to get the feel of Quantox.

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