Quantox Technology

Digital Solutions for the New Era

We grasp the challenge, target the essence and make it possible. Generate knowledge, skills and fresh ideas to spur the world of digitalisation.


At Quantox, our passion and expansion are guided by the idea of bringing together IT and business knowledge around one goal - creating top-notch software solutions for our clients.
With 160+ successful projects behind us and more than 500 professionals on board, we are ready to face any digital challenge and partner with you in making a difference.

Challenges Create Opportunities

Fast-moving digitalization brings stronger competition and more demanding customers with high expectations.

Market breakthroughs and satisfied users are achievable with a strong strategy and smart digital, cost-effective solutions.

Partnering with expert teams is imperative for modern business.

With a reliable partner, progress and decision-making are a lot easier, more efficient and your business is empowered! Quantox’s international team of dedicated professionals working within local time zones is a strong backbone to your core and an expert push towards the desired goal.

Personalized Digital Journey

With every project, our teams have the chance to deepen their competencies in projects from different areas. Gaining experience in a wide range of industries has given us a broader perspective of many sorts of digital challenges – from tech features to user relationship management.


• Digital marketing
• Customer Relations (CRM) and Content Management (CMS)
• Fintech (Banking, Insurance, Consulting, Ecommerce, Billing)
• Blockchain
• Retail
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Automotive
• Crowdfunding
• Social Networks
• Digital entertainment


Listen to our users and clients

At Quantox, we are dedicated to transforming business ideas into final digital products and experiences that bring new value for our clients and users.

Different users need unique digital journeys and products that are close to them – useful and well designed.

We’re helping brands to optimize, organize and digitally transform customer journeys, providing competitive digital products and integrated experiences with real-time value. Achieving goals while creating extra value.

• High-quality digital products
• Optimized and personalized digital experiences
• Smooth operating processes with all-round support
• Flywheel for innovations

Standing by brands around the globe

From mobile and web platforms to multiplatform applications and all-around IT supporting systems, we are helping brands from all over the world to fulfill and accelerate their mission.

With leading technology, dedicated professionals, and a proven track record of cutting-edge digital solutions for local and global brands from more than 15 countries, we are ready to face any digital challenge.

Leading Tech Stack

Dedicated Professionals

Proven Expertise


We use a modern tech stack and keep pace with global trends.

Different ways lead to the same goal.

Technology development is fast-moving and we need to keep on track with all the progress, with a highly diverse team for operating leading tech stacks and delivering the most optimized results.

With a diverse tech stack and a proven track record of professional solutions for local and global brands from more than 20 industries, our experts will come up with the most suitable technology to fit your needs.





Workflow steps

Connecting dots

From the very start, we are connecting key dots through the making process.

1. Creative Brief
2. Defining model of cooperation
3. Forming a team
4. Development
5. Deployment

Transparent communication

Collaboration is the key.

To achieve a win-win relationship there are several significant points, and one of them is transparency. Open communication about expertise and resources will speed up the winning process.


• Amount of work that you ask for
• Level of experience of the development team
• The time you have available for team management

After exchanging essentials, our team will propose the most suitable business cooperation model.

Cooperation models

Fixed price

Clearly defined scope of activities projects.

Complete outsourcing

Our team takes on all project activities.

Dedicated team

Our team that also provides maintenance and support after the application launch.

Delivery team

After launching the product, the team switches to the next project.

Augmentation team

Providing for you ready
scaled team of skilled professionals
for your business need.

Partners & Collaborations

Joined Forces

Internal expert teams, professional approach and notable partners are our ground for tangible results.

Established partnerships with strategic technology leaders give us strong foundations for delivering the best possible solutions for our clients.

Believing in a comprehensive, problem-solving approach, combined with knowledge and leading technology, we are constantly striving to offer smart, optimized and well thought-out solutions and practices that will bring additional value to our clients and users.

Moreover, we are constantly on the track for new technologies and partners to join us on this mission to develop new solutions and products in the market.

Bringing Additional Value

Use data to achieve a better result and allow your company to take full advantage of
Salesforce as one of the leading technologies in the IT industry (Software as a service -Saas).

Providing a quality CRM solution helps in managing the customer’s relationships in an efficient manner, accelerates the sales productivity and increases the growth level of your business.

As a certified Salesforce partner, we provide comprehensive advice and help with the planning and integration of your CRM system.

Making IT Possible

From financial support to business knowledge guidance – Quantox Accelerator is created for all the people who want to take a leap in the start- up community and make their idea possible.


• Professional guidance and mentoring support
• Specialized business & start-up knowledge base
• Contact network
• Financial support

The journey from a rough idea to a successful story is a long way. We know some shortcuts, but what is more important, we know how to give vital support in this development process.


• Presenting ideas
• Choosing the best
• Development and implementation
• Partners to join

In a time of rapid changes and fierce competition, we are ready to share our energy and stand behind those who are brave to break new ground in the digital world. Are you IN IT?